walter lee hampton gives us “expose that negro” in 20 videos

some folks handle “hurt” differently than others,
especially gay males.
walter lee hampton seems to be hurt.
a pineapple named xavier hurt his ass.
so much so,
he put all his business out there in a 20 video rant on youtube.
this is how the first video started…

not the screen cap with ( x his facebook name ) tho.
*creeps on his facebook*

so what i’ve gathered,
because i’m not watching a 20 video,
true life: he lied to me!“,
docuseries tonight:

walter met xavier and started dating in atlanta
xavier allegedly is a liar
walter created a fake account on jack’d and busted xavier trying to cheat on him
xavier alleged lied about allegedlyhaving hiv
walter exposes tf outta xavier on his youtube in a 20 video presentation

if what walter is saying is true,
i can see why he exposed xavier.
i feel the only time you should out someone is if they’re lying about their status.
these hyenas be putting others at risk with their shenanigans.
walter sounds hurt tho.
i think he really liked this one…

i mean…
you gotta be to make 20 ig tv videos over him…
xavier must have fucked him entirely stupid as a wolf or a fox.
i woulda addressed it once and moved on.
some of these pineapples love this shit.
we stay giving their dicks way too many inches than it needs.
don’t ever let anyone know they have that kind of power over you.
i’ve learned that the hard way on a few occasions.

a side of me thinks walter chose to ignore the red flags.
you not gonna tell me xavier was acting “perfect” up until.

watch the 20 video mini-series: youtube

45 thoughts on “walter lee hampton gives us “expose that negro” in 20 videos

  1. Walter is vain and mentally stunted. He’s going to keep going down this road until it gets him killed. He’s bipolar as well, but people will overlook his crazy due to his muscular build. Attentionistos should watch carefully because this is their future.

      1. I’ll do what I damn well please on MY internet. Just like you did defending his ass. Don’t fucking try it with me.

        1. I am not defending nor attacking him. I am simply telling you to not diagnose people because that is not your call to do so. If only you knew that implying that someone has anything without research or being educated in the psychology/psychiatry profession can have an impact[mentally] on people YOU DON’T EVEN PERSONALLY KNOW. Anyways, all I am saying is don’t spread fake news.

          P.S. being hostile ain’t good for your health, just relax.

  2. So this is the real life version of the George Michael song “Spinning the Wheel”. As I’m getting closer to Walter’s age I would think Walter would be more careful. Or in the case of me and quite a few of my like minded friends have encounters that limit the potential for STDs and take time to know someone before you leave yourself vulnerable (Sexually, financially etc.) Basically do your homework before inviting someone into your space. Also what’s wrong with people having a good time with no one getting penetrated? I like to cuddle and a do a whole lot of stuff but it takes a while to work up to the full Monty. My body is my temple and I don’t share it with just anyone. Personally it seems Walter is not ready for a relationship because he needs to be secure in himself before inviting anyone in. A good partner should compliment you in many ways and this “relationship ” seemed unbalanced in some very key areas. Financially, Sexually, physically, credit score, etc.

  3. It seems like this is Walter’s pattern. Every other year or so he gets with some young guy and the guy does him dirty. Which leads to Walter expsoing the guy for having HIV. At a certain point you have start wondering what all this for…..

  4. Ok so let me get this straight…..a gay man in Atlanta is outing another gay man in Atlanta for lies and deceit in Atlanta, a city that is the home of lies and deceit, one of the lies is his HIV status, in a city that has a high percentage of HIV cases, and now one of the gay man is telling the world about gay life in the gayest city in America fondly known as Sodom…really..😱😱😱…..YAWN…………NEXT…….

  5. Whew this is a lot to take in. I am actually a subscriber to Walter’s Youtube Channel and I can attest to the fact that he is not everyone cup of tea. He is very hard on young gay dudes, ghetto and ratchet Black people, and people who he thinks are spreading HIV. He is HIV negative but stirs controversy saying he is positive to bring attention to the HIV crisis in Atlanta, of course he blames all the Black gays for having sex non-stop like this behavior has not been going on since the beginning of time with gay men. Many of the things he says are true but Walter like many Right Wing Conservatives whom he seems to pattern his thought process behind when it comes to his fellow black man, never want to deal with how Black people ended up in ghetto’s or how the HIV epidemic in the Black community got so out of hand. These things did not just happen overnight and have a historical starting point. Most Black people in this country have not been able to live free, our daily living no matter what our financial status has been one of survival. Those in the majority in power never want to accept responsibility for the chaos they cause, and many of the things we see happening in our community is a result.

    Now on to Walter and these disastrous relationships he always finds himself in, he is a little too old to be playing like his name is Sally and it is his first day in Kindergarten on the Playground with the boys. He has countless videos exposing dudes who allegedly did him wrong and in every instance, they are HIV boogeyman infecting hundreds of people. I would hate to think that he is resorting to making up and exaggerating stories for clicks and views. Seriously you can not be 50 damn years old and this damn gullible when it comes to men especially when you are always on a Soapbox talking about the Low Down Diseased Men of ATL, yet you keep bringing these same men into your space. Miss me with that BS. As a young dude I was STUPID in behind a few dudes and I knew better but sex is very powerful and many of us have made some poor choices due to good sex. I suspect Walter for all his big talk is like many older established people both male and female, and that is it is actually easier to dupe them because they are lonely, they have money and career covered but not companionship so when someone who seems to good to be true they fall for him/her faster than someone who does not have much life experience. We all are just taking a chance by getting involved with someone no matter how pretty or ugly the package may be. Sadly what you see is never what you get. As a member of the Foxhole for so many years seeing this with my own eyes, I can honestly say that as Jamari always points out, those who do you wrong will get their Karma some kind of way when they least suspect it. Walter is too damn old to be doing a 20 episode Drama about someone who hurt his feelings and stole his Gucci Purse!

  6. As I have gotten older I actually sideeye gays who come at people like Walter. It makes me question ok n their character because those usually be the people who he be talking about.

    Yall can turn a blind eye and push under the rug most of the shit he be saying, but deep down yall know it’s TRUE and if you look around there is plenty of evidence for it. From the drugs, promiscuous sex, betrayal, scamming etc…

    He just seems like someone who is deeply hurting and has been hurt and this is his way of not keeping it in. As someone mentioned above, he wouldn’t keep giving black men a chance if he was a self-hater. Seems just tired and lonely. Which will probably be most black gay men gripes once they get in his age range. Don’t be so quick to judge.

    The owner of this very site, has entry about this situation of somebody playing them, being insecure etc.. what makes them so different than what Walter is doing?

    1. 20 videos? He’s on one. At that point he’s only embarrassing himself and seeming obsessive. Bitterness is a man deterrent, no one wants to take on that baggage. If you’ve had that many bad relationships, you need to look at why you’re attracting them.

      I’ve seen this scenario so many times. It’s always the baddest vixens too. They’ve been hurt, so they look for a wolf they can upgrade—hoping he’ll be grateful and whipped. It rarely works out right.

    2. What? No! No F NO! Forget this comment! Are you serious you’re side-eying gays who don’t celebrate and uplift a man who basically shakes the gay black lifestyle?

      Nah bruh that won’t cut it!

      It woulda been one thing if this was a man who was actually hurt and was expressing his hurt for someone who toyed with his life…THE RIGHT WAY! You know what that way is? You get a lawyer and then get that nigga in jail because he did this to you!

      But why are you on social media shaming and bashing him? You may think my comment is backwards but it is not because this man is only doing this not even to warn other gay black men because he doesn’t care about us, but for attention and views! Posting pictures and names and all that, these videos will be taken down because he could go to jail!

      I would have been mad as hell if someone did that but I can’t walk with this player, nope!

      Have you seen his videos? All he does all day long is talk about HIV and gay black men, nobody else! He never focuses on any positivity about black men never once! He just bashed and bashes! So we are supposed to here and say oh poor Walter we agree with you and acknowledge your side eye? Man get out of here!

  7. Can a brother get some cliff notes cause I ain’t got that kind of time. Thanks in advance.

    1. @WillieDynamite

      LOL 😂 episode 7 dropped overnight. Here’s the latest.

      – Xavier stole. $2000 Apple MacBook from Walter’s home.

      – Walter decided to file both criminal and civil charges with the Atlanta police department.

      – Walter printed out the text messages that proves Xavier lied to him about his HIV status which is a crime in the state of Georgia. The police are investigating Xavier for possibly endangering others with HIV.

  8. How old is this dude? He’s still ranting and raving on social media like a teenager? Everything is always someone else’s fault with him. He’s the common denominator in all of these situations. At some point he needs to grow up and take responsibility for his poor decisions in men.

    1. He is 49.. I’m 22 and I’ll be damned if I was in my late 40s and that messy. I aspire to be carefree like Tyler Perry, Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper etc. at that age where I got my coins and don’t have to worry about messy lowdown men who should have been a lesson learned when I was 25. This shit is embarrassing.

      1. @Endless

        You’re 22, and like most young people your age, you plan on being rich by 35 and retired by 45. Your passport will have stamps from all over the world. Your homes will have pools and helicopter pads for when your other rich and beautiful friends fly in for the weekend. 😆

        Listen, it’s alright to have a plan for your life, but please humble yourself for what life may have in store for you. Set aside a little room in your ego to accept the possibility that you’re not better than someone like Walter Hampton nor will you ever be. There are millions of people on social media who post nothing but trash. Is Walter’s trash any less worthy because he 49 yrs old?

          1. @thisaintjohhny

            lol tell me about it. The fact that he had to respond to a comment that wasn’t directed at him (unless its Walter using that account) with a pathetic nonsensical thesis just shows that he is guilty of the same bullshit. A messy old pitiful queen. A hit dog will holler.

        1. “bllackpegasus”

          Is this Walter on a ghost account? LMAO the patronizing mantra is cute but don’t project your failed sorry ass life onto me please, I’m already set with my career and my credentials. I’m good regardless. Don’t be upset at me because you’re over 40 with nothing to show for but dried up cum stans on your wall, still shacked up in an empty 4 by 4 with a roommate and creeping on Jack’d at 2am for some limpy teenage peen.

          Walter is posting trash for the world to see which is why it was posted on this site and here you are foaming at the mouth because we have an opinion on his bullshit? Eat a dick! With AIDS at that since I know you’d enjoy it a little too much.

        2. Oh, and have fun replying to all the comments on here while you’re at it. Only an unemployed bum would have all that time to watch a 20 part video about another sorry ass queen ranting about his dysfunctional hood anecdotes.

          We know you live in the comments since aspiring to do better is clearly a foreign concept to you. For starters, you’re a Walter fan LOL! Tragic case.

          1. @Endless

            I was responding to your childish narcissist comment in my “big brother” voice. No malice was intended towards you, and anyone with maturity would’ve recognized it as such. However, your subsequent comments proves that you aren’t even deserving of such brotherly love. You’re petulant, arrogant, self aggrandizing, and quite frankly full of shit! You’re typical of the know-it-all sissies who parade throughout life without a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, yet here you are mouthing off your supposed accomplishments and how you’re set up for success and excellence LMAO 😂

            Sit your ass down queen!

            But you’re only 22yrs old so just maybe life will humble you enough to enlighten you someday……..although I doubt it 😂

  9. I was just about to say
    Walter is HIV Positive himself
    And the streets have been talking about how Walter is crazy
    And has been for years

    So whatever

    Walter…..bye girl
    Thank you , Next

  10. I’ll admit that Walter Hampton’s videos are my guilty pleasure. Thus far, I’ve listened to 6 episodes of this saga while doing other things around the house or surfing the web. The people that hate Walter the most are probably the very types of gays he discusses in his videos. That guy Xavier used Walter for his resources and deceived him as well about his HIV status. Walter is airing his grievances through social media and that’s his prerogative.

    If you don’t want your dirty laundry on front street, don’t lie to a YouTuber with 50k followers. 😆

    1. In the words of Whitney Houston in waiting to exhale , “ then you fuck him mama of such a good man”.

    2. This man is too old to be ranting and raving on social media like this. Twenty damn videos? Really? That sounds like someone with some mental issues. He’s the common denominator in all of these situations, so he needs to look in the mirror and take responsibility for his choices in men. It can’t always be everyone else’s fault

    3. Has he said anything substational in any of those 6 videos that haven’t been mentioned on here? Curious question because I always wanted to know what else could be “exposed’ in 20 videos

      1. @Endless

        To be quite honest, the answer is yes and no.
        I would say each video progresses the storyline by only 20-30% percent. In episode 6 we learned that Xavier stole a $2,000 Apple MacBook from Walter’s house. And when Walter confronted him about it Xavier claimed he sent it back through the “mail.” Walter still hasn’t received the MacBook btw.

  11. Man Walter is such a huge hater of the black gay community here in Atlanta but yet won’t leave for all the money in the world. He talks about us like dogs and exposes our meet up spots and etc. He truly needs to go settle down with a white guy and build himself an at home gym. He is not even a coon, he is just a hater that has a real life distaste for us gays here in Atlanta

    1. This is the one time when I’ll say that he definitely needs to go find a white man and sit the fuck down somewhere. This dude has been ranting about black gays practically since youtube started

    2. But don’t you think it’s a love-hate relationship? If Walter was a complete hater and snow queen he would have fled into the arms of a white boy and thrown his bombs against Black gay men from the comfort of that white sanctuary. But he stays in ATL, keeps seeking out Black men, and getting hurt, and then goes on YouTube rants like this. Clearly he has some deep pain and trauma he’s dealing with around Black men, dating, relationships, and so on, and YouTube rants are the result. But professional, psychological counseling might help Walter work through some of these issues. 1 video alone about Xavier would have been enough, but he is crying out for help because he badly wants to be heard, and helped.

  12. So I watched 1 min of the first video and I didn’t reacted negatively more to Walter than the guy he was exposing. These type of things always make me question the person doing the exposing because it also makes them look just as crazy… Like we’ve all been hurt or played or whatever at some time, in some form of our lives. MATURE people take the time need to heal themselves pick up the pieces and move on. This type of behavior is sad and I hope he gets the help he needs to better deal with life or make better choices. The amount of effort put into this just makes him look equally if not more crazy than the accused.

    SN doesn’t he have a history of this type of stuff?… Especially the HIV claims? … yeah he definitely needs prayer.

    1. No, he needs therapy and medication. I’m tired of the Black community thinking prayer is the prescription for chemical imbalances.

      1. I’m in agreement with you DJ…this mofo needs therapy and meds. This is the kind of dude that makes you NOT want to get into a relationship. Cray-cray to the max.
        His “pity-party” makes him look sad and desperate. The person fucked you over. Get over it and find yourself somebody else to date. Damn.

  13. I started watching this morning on break! I gotta finish before he take em down!

      1. That’s what I’m trying to know. Surely you don’t have enough to say in a 20 part video unless you’ve known the person forever. Something tells me he’s just rambling and repeating himself like he usually does in his videos.

  14. Wait….. Walter is HIV positive I can get why he’s upset Xvaier lied but at this point Walter’s life wouldn’t have been put at risk! Walter is a messy miserable queen so I believe its more to the story, but I honestly don’t care enough to watch 20 videos!

    SN: I don’t believe in outing anyone in any circumstances if you lay down with a man without using condoms and/or getting tested then the “risk” falls on YOU!

    1. ^you make a good point.

      i was confused as to how walter didn’t know this if he’s scared of catching hiv.
      walter might end up getting dragged if he doesn’t put it all out there.

    2. @Antonio

      Where did you read or hear that Walter Hampton is HIV positive? If you follow his social media platforms you’d know that he is negative. I would caution everyone to be careful with assigning a HIV POSITIVE status to people they do not know.

    3. Actually if someone has HIV they can get worse if they’re placed into contact with a more aggressive strain. So the whole if you have HIV you shouldn’t be concerned about someone else having it is a MYTH. Also who said Walter has it?

    4. He said he’s negative. He mentioned that he tested last week as negative because he takes Truvada (Prep). I don’t blame him either. I think especially in a city like Atlanta, taking Prep should be suggested even if you’re in a monogamous relationship because many gays cant stay faithful for the life of them.

      1. But I’m pretty sure that a few videos ago he was talking down on Prep taking and speaking negatively about the gays who glorify it saying that they are using it as a way to have more raw sex. He also spoke about how it’s not 100% effective along with other things so I highly doubt he takes prep that’s bullshit. If he does then I don’t understand why he would speak against it. From the history of his video he was more focused on the fact that gays should be content with one man, be loyal and use condoms. That was his whole sermon so I am sitting here scratching my head. If he had HIV I doubt he would say it publicly; can you imagine the hypocrisy? A man who has made a career of YouTube videos bashing gay black men for being sexually clumsy and stupid and shame them for having HIV, only to end up with HIV himself? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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