do you like it raw and un-washed in your mouth?


How do you clean your chicken?

i was taught by star fox to wash my chicken off in water first.
after wash it in lemon juice and vinegar.
when that’s done,
take off all the fat and season to my liking.
i use a ton of seasonings,
i let mine sit in seasoning for a day or two before i cook it.
dr. oz says you shouldn’t wash your chicken at all.
this is what he said on “the breakfast club“…

starts @ 27:00

why would you clean your chicken around your salad?
and why are you splashing and creating a scene to wash chicken?
i’m confused at that part.

i’ve been seeing a lot of reports about not washing chicken.
per “abc“:

“The CDC said when you wash raw chicken, its juices can spread in the kitchen and contaminate other foods, utensils, and countertops with germs and bacteria like salmonella, campylobacter, and clostridium perfringens.”

i don’t even cook on the same day i season my chicken.
i like a good seasoned situation.
all i do is take it out the container and put it in the oven.
white people have different ways of cooking tho.
forthe black foxhole:

Continue to wash your chicken

make sure everything you put into your mouth is clean.
this goes for all meats including this:


article cc: abc

video cc: instagram

12 thoughts on “do you like it raw and un-washed in your mouth?

  1. I don’t understand how people who date/marry out don’t stay in the hospital with food poisoning.

  2. We bleaching the meat now? No ma’am but yes for this cleaning the meat thoroughly post. Don’t nobody got time to be up in the hospital with their stomach in knots. I just use water and vinegar on all meat except ground. I like to season and marinate my meat at least one day prior to cooking as well. My meat gotta have flavor all the way to the bone. Not too much cuz people can overseason and be some shit. Easy with the salt cuz I ain’t got time for high blood pressure and shit either. Cooking is like dancing on high wire.

  3. Reason number 1 I neeeeeever participate in potlucks at work! Unsanitary cooking habits. That is my number one pet peeve & biggest fear is getting food poisoning. I rarely eat out. Btw that’s what bleach is made for to kill germs. Maybe I was raised differently.

  4. No matter how well you think you are washing meat… it does nothing to re,one he bacteria sitting on it. What really matters is that you cook it to the right temperature. And no I do not wash my meat.

    1. You’re right, Mike. I’m not sure where people got this impression that you “washing” your meat is going to protect you from anything. Just season and cook it properly, the rest was already done for you.

      1. Mar won’t be participating either. With your logic you can just go into a sauna to get clean. Yes, heat will kill some germs. NOT ALL. Hence WASHING meat. You sound like the White people who dont wash their legs citing that it’s “just moving germs around”. That’s why soap is slippery. To make germs slide OFF of your body.

        The reason we smell isn’t sweat, it’s bacteria. Notice how you don’t smell after a shower (maybe you do, I don’t know) You slide the germs off. Washing is necessary. You guys will wonder why people don’t come over for dinner or boyfriends don’t want to bottom.

  5. Now you know you wrong as hell for posting that meat at the end of this post…..You know it!! Got me up here fanning myself like Sister Patterson with a church fan.

    Listen, I bake everything nearly all the time. I don’t trust what some of our white brethren be saying about food. That’s just like white folks corn bread vs black folks corn bread.

    1. ^thats that “late night snack” type of meat.
      only the best.

      i bake too!
      i don’t like too much fried chicken.
      i’m not good at cooking it LOL

      white folks cook corn bread?

      1. Yeah they do…If you can call it that. Dry ass cornbread. Might as well use it as sponge to clean out the tub.

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