this birthday weekend is hella trash.

in a perfect world in all transparency,
for my birthday weekend,
i wouldn’t be in new yawk.
check the scene:

I’d be traveling to another state with someone.
I’d be getting smashed and sucking dick all weekend.

We’d go see the sights,
I’d buy something pretty,
and I’d come back to new yawk to have a nice get together with friends,
celeb friends,
and foxholers.
I’d have that freshly vacationed and fucked glo’ while enjoying my folk’s company.

that’s a perfect world.
this year,
i have no plans and shit is a wash…

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do you like it raw and un-washed in your mouth?


How do you clean your chicken?

i was taught by star fox to wash my chicken off in water first.
after wash it in lemon juice and vinegar.
when that’s done,
take off all the fat and season to my liking.
i use a ton of seasonings,
i let mine sit in seasoning for a day or two before i cook it.
dr. oz says you shouldn’t wash your chicken at all.
this is what he said on “the breakfast club“…
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so ya’ll wash your old condoms with tide or….?

what in the all of broke…?
in my learning of sexual education,
i was also told to always use a fresh condom.
even after one round with the condom still on,
the other two or three rounds should have a new condom.
 when a foxholer sent me the story washing and re-using old condoms,
i high key cringed.
this is what to sent to me from “the daily mail”
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Can You Wash Your Socks Because They Smell Like Fritos

i love socks.
i am huge fan of socks this season.
shit, i was wearing calf high socks in the summer.
so, i want to introduce you all to the trendy socks of the fall season.
here are some examples…

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7 words you should never have to hear in life.

I love chatting with TOPS and straight dudes.
In this case, purely platonic.

I swear.

Like women and straight men, a TOP that is a friend
is potentially trying to hit that.

But, in talking with them,
you always learn so much that can help you be the best bottom you can be.

So a couple days ago, I was….

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