Can You Wash Your Socks Because They Smell Like Fritos

i love socks.
i am huge fan of socks this season.
shit, i was wearing calf high socks in the summer.
so, i want to introduce you all to the trendy socks of the fall season.
here are some examples…

i LOVE this!
all these kinds of socks are available in stores.
they all range from 8 – 15 dollars,
depending on design (and designer).
nothing says style than wearing some jazzy socks under some dress pants:

you know,
make it funky to so fox or wolf swagg.
more to cum…

lowkey: please make sure your funky socks aren’t actually funky!
stinky feet come from nasty socks.
don’t lay up in bed with me with nasty smelling feet!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Can You Wash Your Socks Because They Smell Like Fritos”

  1. If you follow Big Boi from Outkast on Instagram, he has a new line of socks coming out called Crooks & Castles… And they’re amazing!! I love a playful sock!

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