jason mitchell (allegedly) threw his bag away

how does one throw the entire bag away?
ask jason mitchell.
he’s the recent ex-star of “the chi” on “showtime“.
before getting fame,
i really think media training and a mental scan should be required.
too many folks getting past the velvet ropes who don’t deserve it.
too many attentionistos on ig don’t deserve it.
folks will beg to be put on,
but do some dumb shit and lose it all.
jason really baffled all of us today…

not only did he get fired from “the chi”,
but his management dropped him as well.

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i never watched,
but i heard he was the main star of that show.
i have heard about him being really problematic bts tho.
remember when he was late for his own flight,
but had a meltdown because they put him in coach?


now he’s at his “dream career” and allegedly assaulting folks.


it led me to wonder

Are some of us really ready for fame?

those “problematic” bts rumors are usually the red flags.
being randomly rude to folks that admire you is so weird to me.
i feel a majority have legit un-treated mental illnesses.
you see how some of the attentionistos act with attention they asked for.
those all are signs and clues into monsters that haven’t risen yet.
fame has a way of bringing all the low-key bad behavior to the surface.
if you know you’re gonna change for the worst when you “make it”…

Go get a regular job and save yourself the publicized embarrasment

lowkey: he allegedly sexually assaulted his tv girlfriend,
played by tiffany boone,
on the show.
i can just imagine how difficult the sex scenes were to film…now i

with all the allegations,
it’s not as sexy. 

video cc: the chi/showtime

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “jason mitchell (allegedly) threw his bag away”

  1. When this story came out I was very shocked because he has a history of making women uncomfortable on set. It’s sad because he’s a good actor. If he was white I’m sure he would work again but I honestly don’t see him getting big parts again after this.

  2. Robert Downey Jr is a woman beater. He’s some robot guy in the Avengers. You might have heard of him.
    Being White affords you another chance. And having enough money insulates you from conviction. Like Bryan Singer. He’s been casting couch and raping and people keep ignoring it.

    It’s why I don’t care about this James Charles BS. He’s a thirsty gay white queen. Let it have been Todrick, Kingsley or Rickey Thompson, they’d never work in this town again.

    1. I’m just saying….

      James Charles was proven to be in the right though. The other two both made videos to take him down but he had every receipt to show that:
      A) they lied and ignored very important information
      B) Jeffery Star threatened him and slandered him
      c) The boys in question said he was bisexual and gay many times before and that he called james repeatedly after his video to apologize and “make it right”.
      D) The reports about James touching other boys and tricking the soccer teams for pics were fake, with the persons who made the original post taking it down, saying it was a “social experiment” about cancel culture (WTF???!!!) and apologizing.

      James has the basis for a VERY good slander case.

      Explains also why Jeffery didn’t come back with any receipts and wanted to drop it. You point could still stand if it were in reference to the other two individuals: Jeffery Star and Tati

  3. Honestly they mine as well cancel The Chi, he’s one of many characters, but he IS THE SHOW every character centers around and comes back to his, Im a avid watcher and this season is already a bore, without him it will tank.

    1. The chi storyline is getting dry like burnt toast.
      Damn I was rooting for him. It’s Sad that sometimes we get in our own way. Our pride, ego and hormones are our weakest links. I’ve been guilty of sexual harassment luckily the dude never went to HR, and I’m in the police department and we both left that agency. I just hope he finds a way to redeem himself and come out on top. It’s hard because his role on the chi helps other black people make money. Just like Jussie Smollett.

  4. Short dudes with below average sized dicks have issues. I’m not even trying to be funny. I think they have a need to show their strength or be forceful with shit to compensate.

    I hope the brother deals with his issues and makes a comeback in the long run.

    1. Martin had the same issue with Gina back in the day. You could be onto something?!?

      I never liked his whiny ass character anyway on the show. Just replace him and keep it pushing! Don’t let one idiot fuck up the bag for everybody else.

  5. He’s a trouble maker. If you go to the 1:00 mark on the plane video he tells someone

    “if you say another word to me I’ll smack the fuck outta you”

    Any asshole who behaves like this on a plane is trouble in my view. As for the other allegations, I believe what was reported. Everybody can’t be wrong about you.

  6. I watched the show once and never watched it again. Dumbass storyline and hood af. I grew up in the goddamned hood so I don’t wanna see it on TV. I also don’t care for Lena Waithe or her pretentiousness.

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