shouldn’t this situation be the other way around for lil nas x?

let’s font about the song of the summer.
you guessed it.
lil nas x and billy ray cyrus.
old town road“.

i’m starting to hear this song everywhere.
i plan on getting a cowboy hat as we font.
lil nas x had a gift for billy ray for being so generous…

Lil Nas X had only $5.62 in his bank account before “Old Town Road” took off and changed his life. Now, he’s balling so hard, he just copped his “Old Town Road (Remix)” collaborator Billy Ray Cyrus a Maserati GranTurismo Convertible. And to make it even more baller, he had the whip delivered…by Postmates!

On Tuesday (May 21), TMZ reported that Nas X wanted to show Billy Ray his appreciation for jumping on the song—that’s held the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks straight. In the video clip the celebrity news site shared, Nas X can be seen pulling up to the country star’s house with the whip, excited to surprise his counterpart.

“It’s yours!” Lil Nas X happily exclaims as Billy Ray looks at the car in disbelief. “‘Old Town Road’ no. 1—seven weeks!”

“Wait a minute, there’s no way!” Billy Ray said. “7 weeks! Wow man! That’s… Are you kidding me?! Are you serious, man? We may not come back!”

The pair then took the car out for a ride…and if they didn’t hit Rodeo, they were doing themselves a disservice.

he gifts someone,
whose net worth is 20 mill,
a car starting at 150k.

Oh ok.

lowkey: where are his parents?!

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Author: jamari fox

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30 thoughts on “shouldn’t this situation be the other way around for lil nas x?”

  1. Seriously!?! Congrats to the young man but GEESH! Like you said Billy Ray’s money is ESTABLISHED!!! lol Lil Nas X has lucked up with this hit and nothing to fall bck on, he does NOT need to be buying $150k cars for a man lifetimes richer then him, New Money I Tell ya! 🤦🏾‍♂️💆🏾‍♂️

    1. ^maybe billy ray said he’ll collaborate on this song for that car.
      the label made it happen and it’s coming out of nas x advance.

      i’m trying to figure out why this is even happening LOL
      billy ray could buy 6 of those cars if he wanted…

  2. My sentiments exactly he has ONE hit song! Black people always use flashy material things to show their success. He needs to save and invest, look at Desiigner, Fetty Wap etc. That money not gonna last forever!

  3. That money is going to slip through his fingers fast smh

    Billy Ray Cyrus is probably going to just give that car away lol

    1. I see what he was trying to do. He was trying to show gratitude to Billy for helping him but…he could have gotten a cheaper gift lol

  4. This makes me sad. So so sad. They are going to eat him alive. He needs BLACk people who don’t want to rob him in his corner, NOW!!!!

  5. A few clicks down the road he’ll be discarded. He’s currently the music version of Jordan Peele.

    1. Uhm… Nope.

      Jordan Peele has an Oscar.
      Gave Lupita Nyong’o her most prolific nuanced performance to date.
      Has movies and TV shows lined up.
      Gave real dark coloured people screen time.

      Lil Nas X doesn’t have a Teen Choice Award nomination.

    2. Jordan Peele has connections in the comedy improv world. He also has an Emmy (for Key & Peele), and an Academy Award (for writing Get Out). Also he’s a producer on tv shows, The Last OG and The Twilight Zone revival. Peele has been grinding in the bottom rungs of the acting world since the late 90s when he was in Second City, IO, and Boom Chicago improv groups well into the early 2000s when he got hired on Mad TV.

      Lil Nas X, on the other hand, has one “hit” song that will be forgotten after this year.

  6. A NEGRO and his money will soon depart ..SMFH……..ok I understand the WHY ZBut it’s the HOW…..Cmon man……

  7. Actually that one hit song can lead to unlimited wealth due to sponsors, future collaborations developing from said song and etc. Hell look at Cyndi Lauper and countless others who tour and make music but still are known for ONE HUGE HIT lol. This generation singles, endorsement deals and streams are where its at so with royalties, tour dates, streams and etc a 150k car isn’t nothing. If anything its a thank you for helping him go from obscurity to fame. If he’s buying that car the money aint light at all lol

  8. So fucking what if the money don’t last!…let him have his moment and his shine! I’m sure you don’t see whites and Latinos canceling their own unless there’s a huge scandal.Remember, black people said Cardi was gonna be a one hit wonder after bodak yellow. Look what ended up happening. As black people we can be too harsh to our own kind.

    1. Google Cardi Bs parents and tell me where she’s black at? She’s a poser using our race to get on and black people are too stupid to wake up.

  9. I hope he’s not as stupid as he looks.

    His song was a one hit wonder that was made into a sensation by mostly country music fans. Is he planning on going full country with his rap songs? I doubt it. And I doubt those country music lovers will be eagerly anticipating his next release.

    Ask Sunshine Anderson how she durrin? 😂

  10. From being in the music industry before years ago this a quick rundown how ppl get paid. When a song is written are 5 types of royalties that can be generated. It’s most advantageous to have writers and publishing royalties which is why a lot of 1 hit wonders are either living comfortably years later or broke. The ones who wrote and published their own music continue to get royalty checks years later but the one who did not write their own songs (whitney Houston) only get performance royalties. Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson on the other hand wrote alot of their music. Beyonce helps write alot so her name appears in the songwriter credits too. Take Berry Gordy with Motown, they had a writers team where he didn’t pay them but allowed them to keep ownership of the songs (Smoky Robinson, Ashford & Simpson, etc) but the artists only got paid for performances and later in life no royalties bc they didn’t write the songs. The money in the music is not the performances but rather the the royalties. Now Diddy on the other hand with Badboy if you notice always said some words on his artists songs well that allowed him to be part of the songwriters credit and publishing for future royalties. Move to present day, the car is coming out of lil Nas X budget bc the label will recoup all expenses dealing with the song (video, promotion, etc.) before he makes a dime even if they give him an advance. Advances are not free. the label gets it back. Now if he wrote the song, he will get songwriters credit and publishing; however, if Billy Ray Cyrus added any hook or words to the remix he now is receiving writer’s credit on all future sales and performances of the remix. So odds are he didn’t jump on the song for free. lol Hopefully, the young man has some money managers but word was he started out with less than 5 dollars in his bank account bf the song blew up..
    The 5 types of royalties are listed below:
    1. Performance Rights Royalties. These are royalties generated when your music is performed …
    2. Mechanical Rights Royalties. Royalties generated from the reproduction and distribution of your music
    3. Synchronization (Sync.) Rights Royalties. Sync. royalties are generated when music is used in timed synchronization with a visual
    4. Grand Rights Royalty. Royalties earned when music is used in dramatic works – broadway shows …
    5. Royalties earned when music is printed and sold – Sheet music, folios or Song books. There are also digital print rights for – Ebooks, digital sheet music, etc.

  11. You’re so silly. As if y’all don’t understand how advertisements work. Postmates paid for that car for the promo. Is the equivalent of him making an Instagram post and getting paid the 250,000. It cost him nothing.

  12. I was thinking the same thing, I had to look him up to make sure he was legal cause his lips are wonderful. I feel like grills always make men lips look bigger and more juicy for some reason, lol

  13. Another dumb ass Black kid making white folks richer.

    Jamari have you seen Lil Nas’ nudes? He’s hung like a colt.

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