zed and ray have a foursome for us to indulge in

zed and ray are two gorgeous wolves.
in my opinion,
they’re one of the gorgeous gay couples i’ve seen in a while.
everyone is curious about how they get down in their relationship.

“How are two wolves together????
That’s not possible!”

anything is possible.
so a foxholer sent me a recent video with them,
alongside a straight couple by the name of “scoota and cutie“,
having a “q & a” session about their relationships.
this is how it went

so i learned/observed:

ray has a son
– i feel like ray would flip more if zed cheated
– zed strikes me as the type who turned ray out
– ray trusts zed will make the right decisions; zed knows ray and puts faith in him
– ray seems more submissive mentally than zed

now according to the foxhole…

They’re both alleged escorts

what is “cheating” then?
aside from that,
i really like their relationship.
you can tell they’re really into each other.
i love it’s two wolves of color trying to make it work.
i’ll allow it.
part 2 to this “q & a” will launch tomorrow,
may 23rd,
at 7 pm:

i’m confused as to why there’s a part 2…

What else do we need to know?

lowkey: i wonder who is really the bigger freak out of the two?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “zed and ray have a foursome for us to indulge in”

  1. I love seeing gay men of color doing their thing and living their best life. Zed and Ray are a pretty awesome couple. I actually follow them on YouTube and they have a decent song on iTunes as well.

      1. No, the foreskin gives extra pleasure, so don’t make your man snip it if he’s otherwise a good fit!

  2. I say if it works for them to be in a relationship, escort and make money moves then more power to them. They seem to be honestly into each other. Zed does appear to be more outgoing just from the pics he posted on his rentmen ad versus those posted by Ray are more reserved. He is Cancer so he’s more affectionate as well. Cancers tend to be emotional, very affectionate, when in love not to played with and total freaks between the sheets.

    1. One of my favorite gay films involves a man traveling to his boyfriend’s African nation and being able to show affection in public.

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