the monster you’re creating is going to ruin you

one of my jobs i worked at,
this one jackal who was a “jason mitchell“.
he’s the acting jackal from “the chi” who was recently banished.
well my “jason mitchell” was the boss’s favorite.
he did “a good job” in her eyes.
uh huh.
he was attractive and she was fiending for a massive dick down.
a whole nother story.
either way,
i witnessed him…

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jason mitchell (allegedly) threw his bag away

how does one throw the entire bag away?
ask jason mitchell.
he’s the recent ex-star of “the chi” on “showtime“.
before getting fame,
i really think media training and a mental scan should be required.
too many folks getting past the velvet ropes who don’t deserve it.
too many attentionistos on ig don’t deserve it.
folks will beg to be put on,
but do some dumb shit and lose it all.
jason really baffled all of us today…
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Someone Tell Jason Mitchell To Take It “Eazy” (I Couldn’t Resist)

i thought the wolf who played “eazy-e” in “straight outta compton” was cute.
he was a good actor in the film.
his name is jason mitchell.
i haven’t heard anything else about him since that movie.
well up pops him on tmz acting a damn fool on delta airlines
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