teyana taylor is becoming janet

first of all,
happy 53rd birthday to miss janet.
all for you” was a good era for janet.
that album isn’t as great as my favorites,
but i enjoyed it for what it was.
one thing i remember from her “live from hawaii” dvd is:

the famous lap dance for “would you mind?“.
even at a young age,
i wanted that contraption in my bedroom.
the thought of strapping a wolf up to that thing,
and driving him insane in pleasure,
is still on my “to do list“.
harlem’s finest,
teyana taylor,
is inspired by janet as well.
she re-created a similar lap dance with,
you guessed it,
her husband iman shumpert on tour.
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i bet your hands would be all over lamonte too (lap dance)

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

ever since i saw lamonte in person,
pictures and videos do him no justice.
as you know,
he does the occasional lap dance at his “exotic paintings”.
male or female.
don’t matter.
i can only imagine what those lean ass thighs feel like in person.
the foxholers been wanting me to post this for review
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Tyson Beckford Out Here Giving Out Lap Dances?

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.47.08 PMwell i’d like a private one.
how much?
well tyson beckford is doing this whole chippendales stint in vegas.
i guess since he is in “chocolate city”,
he got a nice segment for the brand.
well since mariah is now doing her residency in vegas,
she decided to stop by and get some of that meat.
this is what happened…
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Channing Tatum Made Me Want To Go Into The Street And F Someone.

I don’t think I have ever been so horny in my entire life.
Channing, what do you have to say for yourself?????

I think Channing is my new Snow Wolf….

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Breezy Sex Strokes At Summer Jam

Breezy is like the Wolf I like to fuck,
but he pretty much fucked up and won’t ever get my heart again.
But something about him….
Always wins my heart….
…and then he fucks up and I dismiss him.


“Baby I know I fucked up,
Baby I know that I fucked up,
Baby I know that I fucked up…”Breezy on Diddy’s track, I Know

(I’m sure Rihanna feels the same I do)

he performed at Summer Jam in the Concrete Forest and gave a lucky fan a….

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