Tyson Beckford Out Here Giving Out Lap Dances?

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.47.08 PMwell i’d like a private one.
how much?
well tyson beckford is doing this whole chippendales stint in vegas.
i guess since he is in “chocolate city”,
he got a nice segment for the brand.
well since mariah is now doing her residency in vegas,
she decided to stop by and get some of that meat.
this is what happened…


6zL83MFhe was a little stiff,
but would you seriously have a problem with alla this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.46.36 PM…in your face?

lowkey: those love scenes tyson did in “addicted”

tumblr_nivm60py9G1tcbhsqo2_500 tumblr_nivm60py9G1tcbhsqo1_500i’d let him cum on in.
….or maybe not.
how about i go to tyson’s twitter page and:

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 6.58.08 PM…maybe i won’t be receiving that lap dance after all?
he ( x blocked keith carlos ) as well so…

15 thoughts on “Tyson Beckford Out Here Giving Out Lap Dances?

  1. Let’s face it jamari Tyson Beckford’s days is numbered and He will not jeopardize the last vestiges of his fame and btw I think he read’s your blog lol!

  2. He was ALOT stiff. Still fine. But he looks like a white girl when “back that ass up” comes on.

  3. Mariah’s inner ho is coming out again! And I’m loving it
    Also, why did Tyson block you? Is it a gay thing?
    He’s in the industry he should know the rules.

      1. Never cared for Tyson…even in his heyday. Did NADA for me.
        Why did Isaiah block you? And Evelyn is muthafuckin irrelevant anyway! LMAO

      2. You know they hate gay bloggers. Remember those posts about him and Keith Carlos? Yea, he didn’t like that lol. Plus, we gassed Keith up on here. I def. like Keith and his monster pipe. I want to sword fight with him. Yea, I got enough for that.

        Where y’all Tyson supporters at? Y’all came out the woodwork before.

        Evelyn prob hated those posts about her lol

  4. He is fine and all, but I don’t think I’d trip over him lol! Something about his personality puts me off.. if he was more like Marcus Randall I’d be in love with Tyson, but he’s not, so, well… bye! LOL!
    I love his skin, body and facial features though mm.

  5. That was the goofiest & corniest lap dance ever.. Tyson needs some lessons. ..was he any good in Chocolate City??

  6. Ahhh damn, he blocked you. Oh well, life goes on. One dude don’t stop no show bro.

    We all know he can move better than that. Don’t front.

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