Jayceon Taylor Always Gets It Right

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 7.11.49 PMthis makes absolutely no sense.
jayceon taylor!
put a damn shirt on.

we don’t need to see this!
i’m lying.
can i just show a few more?…

tumblr_m9cdx7lCE01r9traw… i’d like him to catch my pants.
with his teeth.

*pictures credited to the game

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Jayceon Taylor Always Gets It Right”

  1. Not a fan of rappers, but I like him. Seems like a decent guy. Not perfect, and has his moments, but he’s a decent guy.
    He seems thoughtful (as in intelligent) .
    On a physical level,he’s nice to look at, but too many tattoos.
    Could still get it though! LOL!

      1. me TOO! It says a lot about his character. he’s not some dumb rapper that just goes a long with the ride, he says things with a purpose and fights for good causes.
        That kinda shit is hot to me.
        I havent listened to his music in awhile though, is he worth a listen? Or is he just “there”?
        I like Talib Kweli/Common type of rappers. I would support him if he was kind of like that.

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of his until I caught some episodes of his reality show. Him showing emotion when it came to his kids blew me away, especially when you have these guys trying to be so hard. I was like…wow, I thought you were supposed to be this hard ass dude who didn’t give two fucks about anyone. LOL
    On another note….that pic of him lying on that chaise, he could definitely get it!
    Call me crazy, but I like that one over the shirtless pics!!

  3. I don’t know but in my mind’s eye I bet his stroke game is on fleek; like slap it-flip it-rub it down I can’t feel my legs daddy type of stroke!!!!!

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