Fifty Shades of Good Music

fifty-shades-of-grey-soundtrackeven tho the “fifty shades of grey” movie was absolute nonsense,
the soundtrack is the best thing to come out of it….

giphyits so sexy to me.
it makes me feel good.
it reminds me of laying in a penthouse apartment.
candles and incense are burning.
its like 1145pm.
my baller wolf is on the way over.
we are going to probably fuck
but this is playing as background music for the event.
three videos:

i listen to it off and on,
but i def had it on repeat today.
one of better soundtracks ive heard in a while.
i love every track.
no favorites.
check it out:

you’re welcome.

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Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Good Music”

  1. Well, I have favorites on that soundtrack! LOL
    I like a lot of the tracks on it, BUT my faves are both Weeknd tracks and Beyonce’s “Haunted” Remix!

      1. Right!!! I was surprised while watching the movie that it was a Sia song making me hot lol

  2. This soundtrack is boss, I love weekend’s earned it( couldn’t get into his music until I heard this song)

    1. @Mikey…WHAT?!! He may be strange as fuck..but Weeknd has some banging music!! LOL
      People say he’s a cross between Michael Jackson and Maxwell. If you get a chance go back and listen to some of his stuff.

      1. AGREED!
        My twin Christian knows what’s up! lol!
        I like his sound and musical energy! Its different than most of the stuff thats out there. I’ve been really getting into “alternative” r&b. That stuff is DOPE!
        He has to watch out for sounding the same in every song though. I have a hard time differentiating most of his songs from one another. They all sound great though so i’m not “too” concerned but he should vamp it up.
        He’s from my home town too! Kind of cool! Fefe Dobson is from Scarborough too I think! I like that they’re both unique black artists in their own right.

  3. Oh. I can never listen to two Weeknd tracks back to back. Too much whining. And not like Keith Sweat whining either. Annoying whining. But the soundtrack is a beast.

    1. ^@Mac…can’t NOBODY top Keith’s whining!! LOL
      I used to like him back in the day, but that man’s voice irritates me now. I can’t listen to him anymore.

  4. @Dignified…you’re right when you say he needs to be careful he doesn’t sound the same with every song.
    His sound is distinctive that you know it’s him singing, but he falls into that trap of using the same production beats a lot. Another thing is that a lot of his stuff is raunchy as hell…but it sounds sexy! LOL
    This soundtrack has really brought him into the mainstream…let’s see what he does with it.

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