Nancy Gordeuk Takes A Tumble

265550_222138967825809_3289473_owe gonna get into little miss muffin top right now.
so everyone meet nancy gordeuk.
she is the founder of tnt academy at lilburn, ga.
she also went to virginia state,
which is a hbcu.
well why are we gonna talk about her?
well not because of her pretty pink t shirt.
the one highlighting her work out regiment.
she did this at the school’s graduation

and the extended video:

ibdy9qOQH20YJRso this is how this all went down via @jaeinkk :

WOW! Racist and ignorant remarks made by Nancy Gordeuk founder of TNT Academy, during the schools graduation in Lilburn, GA today (May 8th). Ms. Gordeuk released the graduating class, forgetting the valedictorian did not speak yet. By this time students and parents started to leave the auditorium, assuming the graduation was over. This did not sit well with Nancy, who stepped to the podium saying, “You people are being so rude, to not listen to this speech. It was my fault that we missed it in the program. Look who’s leaving all the black people.” ��. I HOPE SHE HAS AN APOLOGY READY.

i know you must be in hiding!
well it seems racists are making their agenda plain as day these days.
there ain’t no hiding how they feel anymore.
lets not hide how we feel either:

Contact Us:

5510 Lilburn-Stone Mountain Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30087


lets make her monday morning absolutely fabulous,
shall we?!

lowkey: you see the dude standing next to her?
he wanted no parts of her nonsense.
i’m surprised the blacks in the crowd didn’t bum rush that stage.
maybe it was shock?
we handled that one pretty decent.
kudos my people!

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Nancy Gordeuk Takes A Tumble”

  1. “A magical world of white people though!” Nuff said? Nuff said? 😉

    And then when we complain about them being racists all of a sudden we’re “pulling the race card” or “too PC” lol.
    “but its 2015 guys, racism doesn’t exist!”>>>>RIIIGHT!

  2. Chile, my whole family would’ve jumped on stage. Like what would possess her oddly shaped ass to say something like that? At a graduation of all places. I wouldn’t even say something like that in a room full of Black people and I’M BLACK.

  3. I’m glad alot of the whites were leaving as well. (Probably because they been gettig some pipe from them boys). But does it really shock you? Whites are racist, ignorant people. Especially the southern hicks. But wanna suck n fuck ya, until Daddy finds out.

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