Charge Me Up A Little Happy; Letting Go Of These Fucks

tumblr_n1n0npYgDu1r8twxmo1_500so i realized my happiness starts when i lose the fucks.
i accumulated a lot of fucks.
it explains all this stress and weight loss.
left has been asking me to get a ps4 for a minute now.
between the 2 page text dissertation,
and speech that followed,
he could as well worked for the sony corp.
since i know i was gonna get one anyway for “batman arkham knight”,
i told mi get dressed and take a run with me real quick.

ps4nationtumblr_md52jl5i7L1r9bda1o1_400…why not?
i charged it and will deal with the budget later.
right now…
i just want to make myself happy.
it may take time to get to that point,
but why not start the process early?

lowkey: i’ll open it a little later.
got some entries to tackle.

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11 thoughts on “Charge Me Up A Little Happy; Letting Go Of These Fucks”

  1. Oooh, so exciting!
    I’m planning on getting Assassin’s Creed Unity. I’m in LOVE with that series!
    I don’t do guns, but I have no problem stabbing you in the face! 😀
    I love the calculated, stealthy, playstyle, and the fact you can choose to go ham and massacre everyone in the middle of the city, or carefully stalk your opponents and take them out one by one.
    I like the one by one approach!
    You should get it too!

    Who’s “left”? Is that work wolf or some other person? lol

    1. ^left is my straight wolf friend ive known for years.
      he is the homie.
      been there for me especially after star fox passed away.

      he was telling me about that assassin’s creed.
      i was gonna get it,
      but i was confused by it.
      i’ll research it and see if i’m feelin it.

      1. Oh okay,I’m glad you have a supportive friend who knows what you’ve been through with star fox, and knows you in general!

        The thing is with AC is, it is a series, so you might be confused about the overworld storyline at first, but I’m sure you will fill the pieces in as you play!
        The style of play is so fun and engaging!
        It also plays off of history and culture to enhance the experience. I often find myself learning something about real events through playing LOL! (I take it with a grain of salt though, not facts lol)
        Super fun! Pretty sure you would like it!

    2. I think you can play them in any order to some degree.
      The game kind of has two storylines. One of the storylines is the overarching storyline that is the series aspect of it. In that respect, you might be confused (at first), because you havent played it in sequential order. I wouldn’t be worried though. They usually recap and as far as gameplay, it wont affect your progress in the game because this part of the game is all about the storyline and is mostly dialogue.

      The bulk of the game is in the other storyline, which is specific to that game, in which case you won;t have any issues and you can learn how to play etc. In this storyline you play as the assassin of that era and assassinate high profile targets to get an artifact (for the main storyline).The main character in the real-life storyline enters a simulator to access his memory of his assassin ancestors. This is the meat and potatoes of the game and for most people, the reason to buy and play it! this is where you “play” and kill and all that stuff!

      So in a way you’d be behind, but it wouldn’t affect you much, but I dont think you need to physically play the other games to know whats going on or porgress. they usually recap for you and you will get caught up to speed I’m sure. When you’re playing as the assassin which you will be for about 85% of the game, that game is separate from the main storyline, (but still somewhat connected to it) so its like a new game anyway!

      It sounds more confusing than it is, believe me! lol!

  2. You caved in and bought PS4…I bought XB1 a few weeks ago. Got a damn good deal too!
    It came with one year of XBox Live, the Assassins Creed Unity/Black Flag games, AND NBA 2K15…all for $350

      1. Funny, ’cause I’ve been debating whether to get the PS4!
        Unlike my cousins, I don’t need both systems though.

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