i bet your hands would be all over lamonte too (lap dance)

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

ever since i saw lamonte in person,
pictures and videos do him no justice.
as you know,
he does the occasional lap dance at his “exotic paintings”.
male or female.
don’t matter.
i can only imagine what those lean ass thighs feel like in person.
the foxholers been wanting me to post this for review


i would have pre-came.
i’m sorry.
i haven’t had a wolf manhandle me in such a long time.
i think i would busted so hard after that.
i’m not shocked lamonte let him feel him up.
i doubt lamonte cares very much what anyone thinks.
most have moved past his alleged trump supporting so...
they even took a picture together with more details:

i guess no hard feelings for lamonte.

many folks think lamonte is gay to allow this,
but i think he just likes money.
if he money is cumming from a male,
many straight attentionistos have learned when to turn “off”.
lamonte wasn’t hard with the dude either,
but he was definitely “at full attention” with her:

so who knows.
i don’t think anyone is complaining anyway.

lowkey: um,
dre tho….

who is part of lamonte’s “sip n paint” crew,
can fuck,
and is gay-friendly.
he’s a up and cumming problem out here.

video cc: twitter

check out lamonte for more: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “i bet your hands would be all over lamonte too (lap dance)”

  1. Our of all the guys you post. Lamonte seems to be the most authentic and cool dude. You posted many guys but he wins the trophy. Personality is everything. I’d tip him if he had an only fans page just cause he shows love without being money hungry like Hayden monteleone

  2. He really doesn’t give a fuck. I think its all about money for him too. Is he the only one out the group that does all this?

  3. Jamari, that man READS the Foxhole. So that means HE KNOWS you walked past him. And he still hasn’t reached out to give you a complimentary sip n paint for all of the free exposure. Not even an exclusive interview to make the Foxhole go viral so you can be the Gay Shaderoom. Trumpers, smh

    1. ^i know.
      i try not to take it personally.
      it sucks,
      but i can’t force him or anyone else to fuck with me.
      one day,
      people will beg me to interview and feature them.
      i try to look at things that way instead.

  4. Lmao that man is not straight by any stretch of the imagination.

    Even gay for pay guys don’t look that comfortable on another mans lap.

    Looks wise he’s average but y’all hype him up because he gives “straight dude you can turn gay” fantasy so many of you yearn for 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    I’m not mad at his finesse game though.

    1. AGGRESSIVELY average.

      I wonder where some of these Foxholers live who be fawning over these average ass dudes that get posted here. He’s a dime a dozen in NYC. Put him in my gym and he’d be nondescript af. Poor child would probably cry and leave due to lack of attention!

      1. Exactly. I wouldn’t even give him a glance with all the more attractive dudes I see in my gym on the daily. I literally keep scrolling up scanning his pictures to see if I’m missing something.

        He’s definitely not fine enough to look past him being a Trump supporter🤷🏾‍♂️

    2. “…but y’all hype him up because he gives “straight dude you can turn gay” fantasy so many of you yearn for 😂🤷🏾‍♂️”

      Bish, when I tell you I read this and YELPED!!! LMAO

  5. Im surprised none of the black women in there don’t have their nose turned up and are turned off by him entertaining both sexes! You know how they can be sometimes!

  6. LaMonte will always be cool in my book (unless he does or says something that will get his ass canceled). As for his sexuality, the dude is STRAIGHT. Trust me on that…

    Oh and that new guy Triumphant is hot af. His Instagram is also kinda nice.

  7. To give him some credit. He’s good looking but beyond that he appears to have a good personality. Most rational thinking adults base looks on more than just physical appearance. You can be basic as fuk and still be attractive if you have a good personality and you can be fine as fuk and be ugly if you have a shitty attitude.

    I have my eye roll moments with straight dudes more than often but he clearly has a has a welcoming aura (in pictures from what I can observed.). I don’t know if that is money motivated or what.

    He might be popular with the gays because he has a nice body (I think he needs to shave the beard) and a nice and non hostile demeanor. Black chocolate, well-built man like that…with humility is nice.

    Comparing him to finer men is hit or miss. Some of them are narcissistic bags of shit who think they are God’s creation because they go to the gym.

    As I said, I don’t know how he is as a whole cause I don’t follow him outside of the Foxhole posts but he looks like a people’s person. What’s not to love?

  8. As far as the women turning up their noses. Some females are okay….”SOME”. One of the highest watched section by women in pornohub is Gay. Some women’s pussy’s get wet by seeing two men fuck or get freaky. are Some women are just as nasty if not more nastier than men at times.

    It depends.

    However, from the video, on the far right, homegirl’s face looks a bit like…”can you get off of him and on to me” kinda.

  9. Aside from him being attractive, I like him, but he is reaping the benefits by those that are paying. I know one thing, I am seeing more humping and grinding than actual sipping and painting going on. It is like thing new thing I guess.

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