teamdreads got folks lining up for cell block “d”

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so teamdreads started a trend!

The gays want to go to jail!

they want some pipe like what he’s getting.
the bar is clearly underground.
i’m not even exaggerating.
read the comments under where the videos are posted.
well the entire clip of “jail bait” was posted on pornhub.


everyone is wondering how he got cleaned out to “perform”.
i’m read it was water bottles.
i wonder how these two even got together?
are they cellmates?
did they meet at the prison yard?
the bigger question is…

Who is filming?

…and how is it getting edited and uploaded to “onlyfans”?
i have even more questions.

it’s alarming that some gays want to go to jail just to get fucked tho.
i hope they’re joking.
jail is not this “onlyfans” fantasy for 19.99 folks.
you don’t go in there,
spread your cheeks,
and fine ass wolves start lining up.

jail is fuckin’ real.
folks get raped and murdered everyday in jail b.
random hood pineapples could give free dick just as good.

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Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “teamdreads got folks lining up for cell block “d””

  1. Not only that, diseases exist in jail. They will bitch you out alright and also sale you off to be debts. That means your ass/mouth will belong to whoever atm you are sold to. Whether it’s big greasy Bubba or Stanky Stephen…they will do you out and pass you around. They will also beat your ass, physically, as in fist.

    Hopefully, most of them gays are joking but I bet a few are not.. All they see are fine, fit men…just like they see on Jackd or Grindr that could also be a robber or a serial killer.

    They will kill you in prison (some jails are bad too).

    However, if this is a legit prison…You know it’s bad when incarcerated men can make money off of you. The levels of desperation for some gays has no bounds.

    Might as well throw a few females in there too. Some of them crazy for prison meat too.

    I remember in school we took a trip to the state police building and they have prisoners cooking food under watch. I never had any issues with them looking at me but when they saw a woman…the look in their face…

    To think of them using a gay man as a woman and then beating his face in cause he’s not a woman…lmao. prison ain’t no joke.

  2. I’m still trying to find out how this was even filmed. Are jails now letting inmates walk around freely with smartphones and recording devices?

    1. Obviously they don’t 🙄! My cousin is in prison and he’s on facebook live all the time, they’re sneaked in by the gaurds & the inmates hide them welland/or most of the gaurds in prison/jail just don’t care.

      1. The guards are enterprising schemers. Don’t be fooled. Some of them mofos are as bad as the people they’re hired to watch over.

        I’m a bit suspicious though. I could swear I saw a flash of jewelry in the scene. That’s DEFINITELY not allowed.

  3. My Tax money should not be for this moron to go and make porn let alone awful porn. He asking to be locked up in there even longer than before and i will laugh when he does lol

  4. The phones in jail are the norm, but there is always a snitch in the pin, so he better enjoy filming scenes for his only fast now because it will not last. The condom-less sex is a surprise because of the diseases that exist in jail.

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