damn baby slow down, i seriously can’t take it today

stomach ache.
throwing up.
poopin’ every three seconds.
you know i’m candid.
i realized today that i might be allergic to caffeine

as i ran some errands,
i decided to pick up an extra large iced coffee.
i didn’t go to bed until 5 am last night.
i was up,
getting lost in porn and youtube,
and not feeling any inch of tired.
why i picked up an extra large coffee is the question.
i like my iced coffee:

extra caramel swirl
almond milk

what’s weird is i can have a medium,
but have no issues.
the moment i took that extra large,
my whole life was fucked up.
this is one of the reasons why i don’t like big things inside me.

as i ran back and forth from the bathroom,
and my mind was moving faster than my body,
i came to realize that i might not be good with caffiene.
i could never do red bulls or energy drinks.
green and black tea usually makes me go to the bathroom,
which is why i drink those in my crib only.
they give me the right amount of energy to function tho.
i could hate to have to give up caramel iced coffees,
but it’s looking like i may have to cut all the way back.


Is any of The Foxhole bad with caffeine too?

…or is it just me?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “damn baby slow down, i seriously can’t take it today”

  1. Wassup Jamari…coffee is a diuretic which can and will cause the need for frequent urination and at times “run thru you” especially if you add the creams and sugars. I learned this as i was in my 30’s and got closer to the 40’s. I would suspect you’re probably at a certain age which your body is communicating with you saying hey we’re going thru some hormonal changes and to chill on the large and x large coffee and “fufu” flavor drinks. I love me some (hot) McCafe Caramel Mocha, but tend to keep it small or medium to be safe. I think It’s a natural aging process in which you’re not able to tolerate certain foods and drinks as you age, unlike when you were able to handle any foods in your teens and 20’s.

      1. maybe it’s the “cream” you put in it…milk, almond milk, etc.
        I can put the Coffeemate creamers, and I’m fine. The minute I put MILK in it…I’m in the bathroom. LOL
        I’m lactose intolerant. So I have to watch what I eat/drink when I’m out and about. Salads/veggies go right through me too.

  2. 😧 oh poor baby! If this happened to me I don’t how I could go ON! lol cause me an ice coffee are like THIS 🤞🏾 just the pic above of that coffee gives me near Orgasm lol

  3. I drink decaf, but when I need a jolt I drink spice tea. Try it out.

    Store brewed coffee is low grade anyway and they use elephant dung to process it.

    Once I learned that I left chain coffee alone.

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