the wolf in the youtube sex scene who looks familiar

so like i fonted in the last entry,
i was up real late watching youtube videos.
it’s like you watch one and slowly fall down this rabbit hole.
the web series on youtube are pretty lit.
sometimes better than what’s on tv.
the attentionistos with a sense of purpose are trying to act these days.
well i came across ^that one while looking at a webseries.
it was in a show called “the p.a.“.
i feel like i’ve seen the wolf in ^that screen grab before….

he got so into that scene,
he spanked tf outta her in the bloopers:

i swear i’ve seen him on ig before.
i think.
he looked really familiar.

Who dis?

lowkey: even shamea from “rhoa” is in a web series too.
it’s from “signal23” and called “mocha”.
she has a sex scene with someone familiar…

porsha is in it as well.

watch the whole season of “the p.a”: youtube

check out “mocha”: youtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “the wolf in the youtube sex scene who looks familiar”

  1. This is why I’ve given a lot of the webshows a chance eye candy and plus occasionally better stories.

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