tremaine is (a) daddy

so i’ve fonted about tremaine over the years.
you know i luh me some trey songz.
i’ve always wondered when he would become daddy?
i mean…
become A daddy?
well i guess it happened today because he posted this on ig…

although this is vague,
he is getting a lot of congratulations from other blue checks.
lori harvey,
who he was last linked with,
even posted this in his comments:

i can’t font that i’m shocked.
tremaine been out here so it was bound to happen.
he seems to really like kids so i’m sure he’ll be a great dad.
nothing sexier actually.

congrats to tremaine on his new bundle of joy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “tremaine is (a) daddy”

  1. Is he really a daddy or is that another niece or nephew? Either way, Trey is so handsome. I don’t see him as the type to post hints but either way…if it is his..cute.

  2. I saw this on ig and didn’t really care & alot of people feel the same way he’s definitely falling off. he needs some new poppin music ASAP

    1. The only thing he will be falling off are my arms after a passionate romp that electrifies his body, rejuvenates his soul and makes his eyes roll back in his head, thank you VERY much. I like his most recent music…which came out this year.

  3. I turn down men with kids. I don’t want any. I’m sure I have turned down good ones, but the thought of him convulsing inside a vadge and birthing children is a turnoff for me. I’d maybe consider a good looking older man with grown kids who are my age.

  4. JAMARI! You have not been on it. Who the baby is by..why he cheated on his girl with her…you need to make another post. I am drowning in the tea!

  5. I knew she’d non-Black. Those Black celeb men hate their Black mothers and hate their Black selves.

    Well now him and his butt buddy Drake both have babies by non-Black women. Marriage will come soon and the DL trifecta will be complete.

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