Channing Tatum Made Me Want To Go Into The Street And F Someone.

I don’t think I have ever been so horny in my entire life.
Channing, what do you have to say for yourself?????

I think Channing is my new Snow Wolf….

So I watched Magic Mike tonight.
It happened to be on my Macbook Pro,
in an A/C bedroom,
with all the lights off.
Channing, I’m so sorry.
I owe you that 10 dollars.
I’ll save that for your personal lap dance where you will pick it up with your teeth.

But, I don’t think I watched a movie where I cared less about an initial plot.
I don’t even think I know what it was about.
Less talking; more Channing with no clothes on.
I am an official Channing Tatum Snow Wolf stan and I don’t care who knows.
He is the type of Snow Wolf I would be interested in.
But all I know is when he danced to Pony from Ginuwine….


 I threw the 1s that were suppose to pay for the ticket at the screen.
Channing, again, I will pay for it with a private lap dance….
…and more with a chance of you working me the hell OUT!!!!

^this is what I want to see at 7 in the morning.
Check this funny interview where Channing makes that ^ there clap


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