Channing Tatum Dances On Top of Jamie Foxx

well kinda but not exactly.
channing looked so nice in his suit…


who knew he could bust out in his stripper moves,
wearing a tux,
and on top of a piano.
one being played by a foxhole favorite,
jamie foxx


they went on jimmy kimmel to promote their new movie,
white house down,
and jamie said he wrote a song about channing.

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WOLF MEAT: Celebrity Snow Wolf Edition (121)

oh channing.
you know i love you and those dance moves of yours.
well, for my wolves who like vanilla cream cakes.

i got a quick peek from behind the scenes of magic mike

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When The Work Out Warriors Meet And Get Married


well shaun t is married.
he is a personal trainer who has some insanity fitness work out.
i have never heard of him until i got an f-bi email about it.
apparently, everyone has been talking about it.
funny enough,
i’m not as impressed as i was with the kappa wedding for some reason…

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Channing Tatum Made Me Want To Go Into The Street And F Someone.

I don’t think I have ever been so horny in my entire life.
Channing, what do you have to say for yourself?????

I think Channing is my new Snow Wolf….

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Are You The… Rainbow Fuckin’ Kind?

Would you date him:

Chris “Fine As Hell” Evans.
I sure would.
I sure to HELL would.

What about him?

Paul Walker just does things to me.

The Snow Wolves.
A place that we never thought of looking at,
but should we?
Should we, as Foxes, take a break from the chocolate and take a bite into the vanilla?
Is it selling out? Or is it just tired of the bullshit?
Are we just tired of all the requirements to successfully find ourselves in a solid relationship?
One with a man that we are attracted to and will treat us the way we want?
One who ain’t:

On Drugs
Selling Drugs
or Just Messy?

I had to wonder…

Are you willing to play in the snow?

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