When The Work Out Warriors Meet And Get Married

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6n7oEEdw8g]

well shaun t is married.
he is a personal trainer who has some insanity fitness work out.
i have never heard of him until i got an f-bi email about it.
apparently, everyone has been talking about it.
funny enough,
i’m not as impressed as i was with the kappa wedding for some reason…

congrats shaun t.

it’s funny…
but i would let a snow wolf take me down in a minute.
chace crawford, channing tatum, and paul walker being two of them:

i’m an equal opportunity sexy fucker.

…but i’m not as excited about this shaun t story for some reason.
he has a nice body and he is handsome, don’t get me wrong.
…but, am i being a hater?
is it because i’m picking up insane levels of corn ball?
or, am i looking at him like, “yeah, he will date a snow angel in a heartbeat“?


28 thoughts on “When The Work Out Warriors Meet And Get Married

  1. I still like him…..his workout is insane. But my gym buddy was quite upset…..SHE..yes she felt he betrayed the code or some mess that hetersexuals have that if your running and feeling on straight woman your a DL dude and woman get upset behind that……..but like somebody said……who gives a rats ass. White dudes arent my thing but if he like it,I love it……..its not like iam freaking him. She felt like he lied to her on some level…….crazy yup…….would be interesting to see if his following decreased after he ran out the closet.

  2. He’s corny and unattractive to me so I’m not interested in him or his relationship with a white guy I don’t find attractive either.

    I do find it…mind-boggling when black men only find white women/men attractive.
    I think they should be involved in some kind of psychology research experiment.

    You won’t find many whites, asians, hispanics, etc. that date exclusively outside of their race, but black men that date outside their race are quickly becoming more and more common.

    I just find it interesting and worth researching.

    1. you could start that research with yourself..he’s corny? was he ever existing for you? what you find corny, some (maybe many) others may find it sexy, etc.. do you know how many goofballs yal feature on this site and lust over…or because they wear timberlands, pick up my fitted, and stare into the camera yall fall for that illusion? that, exactly why most SUCCESSFUL/RELEVANT/PROMINENT black men date white women OR if they attempt to come close to black – light brites. Black people as a majority sometimes think soooooo backward. You would want him to walk into a room , use ebonics like he has no diction, sag his pants , be hyper aggressive, sound extra macho and put out thousands of pictures on instagram trying to claim swag (thats what yall [media] make Lance Gross do, believe me if he didn’t have all this social requirements yall put on him, he’ll be a white black boy), call women bitches etc….ehhh..after working hard to bring home guap, the last hing that nigga needs to be doing is putting on a show for yall dink heads just for you to think he got ‘swag”…fuck that and get you a fly looking bunny. ….do you see how many of ya favorite rappers have “swag” (drake is suburban jewish kid…who..since yall wanted him to have ‘swag’ he started calling females bitches and acts the way yall want him a nigga to…Tyga isn’t black, he’s asian yet yall want him t act coonish and niggerish,….he will..to make his damn sales…When black folk stop thinking like retards…THEN maybe some people will care to date blacks….till then…it’s nice you stay mad.

  3. channing tatummmmm!!! i forgot who this was about at first. hes too sexy…..as for the black guy im glad he found someone who makes him happy. i was just looking at his work out infomercial i always thought he was cute.

  4. Aww they look good together. They’r so cute.

    I hope no one is upset that he’s with a white guy. If people are upset I know exactly why they are. It’s a sad day when some gay men aren’t happy when other men find love because of race. Yes it’s interracial, but I see nothing wrong with it as long as they are happy. Now the only issue I have is that they are both about the same size lol. I’ve always have felt that the Fox should be smaller than the Wolf. Maybe they are both Hybrids, I don’t know. Even when I get my dream body I will still probably want a smaller dude lol.

  5. They look good together.

    Why is it even necessary for any Black man to marry another Black person?

    Why do some people feel entitled and insecure about someone’s relationship choices? I’m not getting why it matters.

    1. Why? Because historically, we’ve been told over & over that we’re not good enough. Or that we’re pretty/smart/etc. “for a Black person.” Having to work twice as hard for half as much credit. And then you see brothers (mainly) achieve a certain level of status and then add a snow bunny on their arm to fit in.

      Sites where dudes look for sex or dates, but want White, Latino or (sometimes) a light-skinned Black. Or ‘not into black.’ And then some of the ones who do want you are looking for that Mandingo fantasy. Being in a club or event & getting the stink-eye from another brother who will then fall all over themselves chasing a lite-brite.

      So while ‘love has no color,’ we’re still in 2012 & people hating our president cuz he’s Black. White people complaining & suing over losing their ‘privilege.’ So forgive some of us if we get a twinge looking at the pictures. This post-racial world hasn’t yet manifested itself. Now I’m not hating on dude at all – if he’s happy, then mazel tov. Yet I understand where people are coming from. Don’t think for a moment that the celebration of Nate/Rob, Bey/Jay, and the Obamas isn’t partly due to the fact that both partners are black.

      1. Thank you Yngblkwolf. I’m glad someone said it. Love may be blind but in a society where you are repeatedly told you are not good enough based on the color of your skin, you have to understand that these non-blacl preferences of black men come from somewhere. Attraction does not exist in a vacuum.

      2. My parents missed me with the compete-with-White-folks meme growing up, they always said do your best, it’s not a competition.

        Some people think Black love has some magical powers or is greater than other people’s love. I like seeing all couples (groups), regardless of melanin, genuinely affectionate and happy, but some folks are not there yet and that’s okay too.

        Most of the hatred comes from insecurity about being Black. I’m Black–darkskin–but I don’t act like I’m cursed or disadvantaged because bigots hold ignorant opinions about my looks or abilities in daily life or on some fucked up online dating sites. Most of these dudes are not princes or prizes–online or in person.

        The people who do the things you described don’t want you anyway, but the question is why would you want somebody who doesn’t want you or get mad when they show you who they really are? Society tells us many things, it’s up to individuals whether or not if they are going to believe them.

        Way too many individuals are pining away over some narcissistic lightskin dude or a colorstruck darkskin dude who is never gonna want them–ever–and is seriously suicidal over this fact.

      3. ehh..sounds like excuses…and whats wrong with chasing a darkie for a mandingo fantasy..lol….they better live up to their hype..lol

  6. I knew he was gay way back in the hip hop abs day. and him marrying a white boy is not the least bit shocking. congrats to them though!

  7. Uggh, will there ever be a high profile black dude who will choose another brother. Probably not, but I can dream and hope. Congrats anyway Shaun T

    1. have you asked yourself why? successful black men marry white (other ethnicity) and even the gay ones marry the same way…shouldn’t the question be, what’s going on with BLACK people?

      They’re good looking, I’d hang out with them

  8. Jamari you already know how I feel about Chace Crawford, he just does something to me. I also like Channing and Paul. You also have to check out Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch, Chris Hemsworth, and Douglas Booth.

  9. Don’t feel bad.

    When I posted about it, I received a lot HATE mail about it which prompted me to do a second post on the issue.

    I guess some of us ain’t ready to see a black man (even though Shaun T is half black) with a white man.

    I could care less! If that makes him happy, I am happy!

    *kanye shrug*

        1. ^
          i’m not impressed honestly.
          i’m not surprised or in total shock.
          judging from the f-bi I did on him,
          he looks like he would marry a snow bunny if he was straight.

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