How Are You Just Going To Get Stripped Naked In 7-11 Like This??

a little background on the following video:

this wolf got caught stealing a snickers bar in a flatbush 7-11.
he tried to run out the store,
but the workers got a hold on him and well….


the biting angle


i’m sorry but…

and was that guy biting him having some homo-erotic fantasy?
this whole thing is suspect.
all these black folks standing around and no one calls the police?
but i gotta ask:

should the workers be fired?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “How Are You Just Going To Get Stripped Naked In 7-11 Like This??”

  1. HELL YES!!! YA’LL TOOK THAT MAN DOWN TO HIS UNDERWEAR FOR WHAT??? DID U GET UR 2.00$ SNICKER BACK? i didnt even see the biting part wtf……….and no one called the police for the same reason people video tape fighting in the street its a show. if i was there i wouldnt have stood around watching id have been trying to get the fuck out the store so im not mixed up in the confusion

      1. me too! i never thought id see this type of thing especially over a snicker bar…… trying to figure out what they was trying to do to the dude. really why take off his clothes? you think hes hiding something in his underwear?? if he was MOFO YOU CAN KEEP IT! i wouldnt take it and put it back the shelf that would be straight up nasty………..sweaty dick-wrapper kitkat. no thanks-__-

  2. Wrong as I may sound the workers have a right to protect theirs. It may have been done in the wrong way but let’s put ourselves in the situation. It coulda been A. Their hopes and finances tied into every item in their store. B. been robbed a number if times and got fed up and decided to take justice in their own hands. C. just wanted to taste some dark meat for once LMAO!!!! But seriously maybe it the southern in me but sticky fingers get cut

    1. You right OMG. Down here you will get hurt if you steal a lolipop, especially from the cornerstores thats owned by them muslims. They will blow your ass away. So he is lucky that all that happened was he got strip searched. Shoudnt have gotten caught stealing.

      1. Yes he was the eye candy and worth unwrapping. Wish I could have debriefed him. On a serious matter, he stole inventory merchandise that must be accounted for. Regardless, if you saw him swap a gal purse you gonna let him run away, I commend these Indian workers and cosign.

  3. So it took all of them to track down an alleged stolen bar of candy. While they were occupied with him, they left the rest of the store up for grabs. Even the registers, which I am sure were closed, were unmanned. GTFOH!

  4. That’s jii crazy – especially over a Snickers. Maybe they thought he stole more or were just fed up. I’m hoping that the police were called & they were merely attempting to restrain dude. In any case – who was minding the rest of the store while all this was going on?

  5. “I don’t have nuffin else.” LMAO….It was not that serious. They knew that he didn’t have anything else dude to the fact that he was practically naked. It’s just a snickers bar. People probably been stealing out of that store.

    S/N:Dude didn’t have a bad body. It’s was kinda nice watching him getting stripped. ijs lol. He loses points for trying to steal tho.

  6. It’s dangerous to restrain a shoplifter. Suppose he had a gun or knife? One’s life is more valuable than a Snickers bar. The store clerks should have called the police and let them handle the matter after examining the store camera videos.

    As for stripping his clothes off and biting him in the back: I mean, REALLY! What kind of silly nonsense is that?

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