WOLF MEAT: (449)

nothing better than cute underwear.
i love boxer briefs because it fills everything out nicely.
with the following wolf meat,
i can’t tell if these are briefs or boxer briefs…
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Jayceon Taylor Pipe Ain’t Confidential (No Mo)

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.28.32 PMokay the clarity of ^that picture is amazing.
you know i love me some jayceon taylor aka the game.
clearly he wants me to have some sweet dreams tonight.
well i shall with ^that close to midnight snack!
his pipe looks a little…
around the head area.
just an observation.

the hashtags tho…
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How Are You Just Going To Get Stripped Naked In 7-11 Like This??

a little background on the following video:

this wolf got caught stealing a snickers bar in a flatbush 7-11.
he tried to run out the store,
but the workers got a hold on him and well….

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Ray Edwards Likes See Thru Man Drawz

This big buff body stallion of a mutha-fucka “Wolf?”, Ray Edwards, has a body I’d like to climb.
I mean, he a big tall mountain of a nigga.
But after some late night sexting,
he sent the right photos to the wrong Vixen (or Fox?)….

Would you still fuck with him after he showed you these?

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