Ray Edwards Likes See Thru Man Drawz

This big buff body stallion of a mutha-fucka “Wolf?”, Ray Edwards, has a body I’d like to climb.
I mean, he a big tall mountain of a nigga.
But after some late night sexting,
he sent the right photos to the wrong Vixen (or Fox?)….

Would you still fuck with him after he showed you these?

I, personally, wouldn’t wear those see thru joints.
I like my Diesels, 2xist, and Polo boxer briefs to make the cheeks sit right…
…. and the sack sit tight.

He looks like a freak though.
I’d break the handcuffs out for his ass.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Ray Edwards Likes See Thru Man Drawz”

  1. I think he has really cute taste in underwear. I’d wear them all actually. He is fine though. U can see by the presence or absence of the chest tattoo which pictures are more recent than others.

    1. and i would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day. why?… because a body like that gots to be well fed.

  2. Hes good looking with a banging body. Nipple rings? Stripper draws? Hmmmmmmm wolf in sheeps clothing, or is it wolf with no clothing? PS would love to see him in jock strap in my bed

  3. Interesting taste in underwear…he probably gets down. Y’all betta hope he’s a grower lol

    Oh, and nice cakes – I’d hit

  4. y’all know I am late but OMFG I don’t care if he a wolf or a fox – this muthafuckka right here CAN GET ANYTHANG…he would cum a fountain that’s for damn sho!

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