Wolf Feedback From a Lurking Wolf

Who knew Kanye would generate so much debate?

So this entry about Kanye got into a long ass debate about Wolves and why they do the shit they do.
Hell, you can lay face down; ass up infront of a Wolf and he wouldn’t even know what to do with it.
(you are thinking “fuck me” but he is thinking “fuck you”… and not in the good way)
These days Wolves have gotten very spoiled, but who wouldn’t?
Wolves are out here sticking their pipes in anything with a hole and can mutter a few words.

I’m good.
Let’s fuck.
I’ll suck your dick.

I heard of this Wolf recently that was not only messing with a Fox but secretly fucking his mother and his cousin.

Anyway, a few days after that initial entry,
I got an interesting email from an Incognito Wolf who was reading and wanted to share his two cents.
Check it below… 

Men are seen as breeders, women nurturers. Supposedly, we want to spread our seed as much as possible. Also, who’s is porn made for? Men. We’re a highly sexualized society, and men can be dogs. A long-term relationship for 2 dudes? One week… (vs lesbians shacking up in 2 days lol). There’s some truth in that.
We tend to take the path of least resistance; we’ll get away with whatever you allow us to. Can we step up? Sure. Will we? Maybe, if the person is worth it AND won’t stand for our BS.
So why does the fox/wolf shaking his goods get play? Cuz most men just want some, easily, with no strings. And two dudes? All the fun w/out the nagging/estrogen/pregnancy. Hit it & quit. I mean, we’re kinda shallow – especially when we just focus on sex
Some are looking for more, but that also includes sex. And it’s a smaller pool – thus, harder to find. Is it hopeless? Nah. Is it hard? A bit. If you don’t forget you’re a man & don’t forget how simple a typical man is, it can help you to at least avoid being surprised/hurt. We will make a way/time for someone we feel is worth it; who intrigues us, makes us work a bit, etc.
We had a nice back and forth conversation,
but it still left me with a lot of questions….
Have we been going about this lifestyle all wrong?
Have we been putting ourselves in the mental high heels of a Vixen?
Have we forgotten what we are since we play the submissive role?
Are the whores who we see on X-tube, sucking dick and getting their Foxholes blasted open, are they the ones really the ones on top?

Can you even find a Wolf that is interested in getting to know you for the long haul, or are we all doomed to just one night stands and two finger dismissals to the next Fox?

I would hate to be 50, settled, and alone with stories of good looking Wolves I conquered because let’s face it, these days it seems more like we are fucking Wolves to be one up on other Foxes.
The more D/L Wolves you take down, the better you are in the game.
Either way, you can still end up losing….
…or should I say, loosing?

I found his email interesting.
He wanted me to share it with Vain especially, since he had the most questions.

And myself, still left with even more questions….
What do you think?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Wolf Feedback From a Lurking Wolf”

  1. Men are socialized to be very into sex. Knew that. Men tend to want sex with no strings attached because it allows for physical gratification with very little emotional effort on their part. Knew that too. There are obvious ways of avoiding being hurt or surprised when you meet a guy and want to know what he wants out of you like… i dunno… ASKING HIM! OR paying attention to his actions. Men who like you and want you around will SHOW you that they do. Knew that as well.

    I’m still right where you’re at with still having questions. My main questions are, when you say “We will make a way/time for someone we feel is worth it; who intrigues us, makes us work a bit, etc.”… what particular traits in a fox are you looking for that qualifies them as WORTH IT? What “intrigues” you? Does “making us work a bit” qualify as playing hard to get? And once again, if there are wolves out there looking for more… where are they? Are they the types of men we find physically attractive or are we doomed to be with men who we aren’t really attracted to who are kind and pay for dinner (while fantasizing about who we wish he could be)? Because if they do exists, wow does one go about finding someone who they are interested in and attracted to who is ALSO interested in serious?

    Because the #1 thing every fox i know fears is summed up in this statement: “I would hate to be 50, settled, and alone with stories of good looking Wolves I conquered.”

    1. Oh and the response is appreciated! I forgot to mention that lol. I’ll take as much information from wolves as i can get. But I really want specifics… we tend to speak about these things in generalities and don’t get anywhere.

      1. My guess is he can only give you specifics about him. If you wanna know, you have to ask the wolf that catches your eye…find out what makes HIM tick. Cuz if it was that easy, someone would be making a rack of money off it! Lol

  2. YngBlkWolf :
    My guess is he can only give you specifics about him. If you wanna know, you have to ask the wolf that catches your eye…find out what makes HIM tick. Cuz if it was that easy, someone would be making a rack of money off it! Lol

    That’s essentially what we’re all going to have to do. Ask them. I would like to know if there’s a pattern. If so many of us are still solo, there has to be a common theme somewhere.

    1. that is the thing…
      because a majority of them are so dusty.
      damn can a fox get a wolves with some swagg?

      like dude coming to my crib in a dingy ass white t shirt, carpenter jeans, and dry ass lips?
      naw i’m good….

    2. There have got to be more wolves that read this blog besides me & our mystery wolf, so…maybe a few more will respond. Though I’ve met a couple cool people through random encounters (like craigslist), that’s not the norm. They’ll probably be at your school, job, social outlets — even Twitter or FB.

  3. R :
    It would help to ask these wolves, but it would be even greater if we could find these wolves to ask

    HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE THEY AT???? That is the fundamental question i keep asking. I can say i see a few out at the clubs but they seem so like… i dunno… like they aren’t trying to be approached. Maybe its just me but they all seem to be consumed with their friends and their image. How am i suppose to approach you when 1) I’d prefer it if you’d be the wolf and approach me and 2)you give off vibes like you don’t want to be bothered? So okay, they are out and about. But spotting one who may potentially be interested in you is all a matter of timing. If he isn’t blatantly checking you out it’s tough to tell (unless he’s a butch queen, obviously). So if he’s out and about, are we looking for the trademark 3-second stare as an indicator? From there, since he’s more than likely not going to approach, do we as foxes make the move and introduce ourselves out of the blue? Do wolves even like that? I got questions lol.

    I don’t believe in meeting men off the internet including FB and Twitter. I feel as though they add to the already difficult aspect of introducing yourself to someone. Its like we’ve become so dependent on meeting people through social media that unless he’s in front of some type of screen, guys aren’t really checking for you.

    1. Speaking personally, idc if you approach me first…I like it. Wolves can be shy too. We can be unsure & be wary of rejection as well. While I’m likely to be turned off by an aggressive woman, it’s okay to me from a man…sexist or not, *shrug*

      And more & more people meet via the ‘Net: match.com, chemistry.com, etc., so you’re missing an opportunity in my opinion. Not A4A, BGC, or the sex-oriented sites…

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