I Banged My Substitute Teacher And I Liked It…. So I Outed Her?

i think we all a crush on a teacher.
i remember i wanted to fuck a couple of my substitute teachers.
especially this one who covered science.
ironically, his name was mr. johnson.
dark skin, built, and bald head.
every vixen in my class was up in his face that day.
actually all the substitute teachers at my school were always fine.
even the vixens.

but this snow bunny here:

she was a substitute who banged a student…
…and he outed the shit out of her on twitter.
is this the new thing?
all her naked pics on full blast…

his game must be on 20 thousand.

A substitute teacher has been fired after a former student bragged on Twitter and claimed he had sex with her while he was still in high school. 

As proof of his exploits, Justin Foster posted nude photos of the young, blond teacher, as well as texts messages that he says she sent to him. He claims it’s all to ‘screw her over.’

He says Anna Michelle Walters, a teacher at Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia, sent him the pictures after the two had sex. She is now being investigated by the police.

Twitter users, meanwhile, have hailed the West Virginia University student, who is now 18, as a ‘hero’ and a ‘legend’ who lived out ‘every guy’s fantasy.’

The shocking posts were made after Mr Foster alerted his Twitter followers he had bombshell news.

‘Oh man s**** going down tonight please if you attend Cosby or used to please be on twitter it’ll be a treat,’ Mr Foster tweeted Tuesday night under the handle @DubVeeU.

A few hours later, he announced that he was ‘hammered’ and started posting the photos about 9.15pm.

Those tweets have since been taken down, but Mr Foster continues to bask in his new-found popularity.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2219407/Anna-Michelle-Walters-fired-student-claims-sex-posts-nude-photos-Twitter.html#ixzz29o5RCv9w


he is bitch made.
this is the type of shit you tell your boys.
try to get them to hit too.
and out of all the good looking wolves that probably went to that school,
she took the L twice…. for his chief keef looking ass?

she is sexy and she has a nice body.
not to mention her coochie looks edible.
plus she is a snow bunny and they do whatever you want.
fuck em good enough and they will pay for all your shit.
he should have been fucking her head off her shoulders every night.
but, he is on twitter now claiming he is a victim.
judging from these texts:

i don’t think he was a victim.
i need her to let these type of students beat:

c’mon white chick.
step ya taste up.
again: you took a L for that creature.


but guess what?
justin foster is now “google searchable“..
when he goes to apply for that good job or an internship to his dream career,
this stunt may come back to haunt him.
was a moment of bragging rights and a few 100 followers worth it?

lowkey: is this a joke?
maybe this is a joke…

21 thoughts on “I Banged My Substitute Teacher And I Liked It…. So I Outed Her?

  1. Lol. Yall too funny. 1. MORE THAN HALF OF YOU RUNNING YOUR MOUTHS ON THIS BOARD will FUCK an 18 year old BOY who had good ass/dick/”game” so why are you fags on her case? Lol. Yall need to sit the fuck down for real.

    2. Shawty wanted some dick, she got a mo’fucka that had a big dick..when you’re a pretty boy a majority are just accessories,nothing more..no dick, no stroke…not all

    1. Davon, 18 is legal so some of us “fags” probably would TRICK with an 18 year old but not a 15 or 16 year old. The half that would not trick with this 18 year old is because (1) He would have no contest in getting the lead role of Gorilla in “Gorillas in the Mist,” or Predator in the entire franchise. (2) For every big dick out there, there is a bigger dick. Some of us “fags” not only have an interest in big dicks but the life support system that the big dicks are attached to (mind, body and soul of the person). Dude’s face is yuck and his attitude is ugly. She could have found a big dick from another teacher and not lose her job. Why would anyone pay all that money for college (and still owe it), trick with a kid, and never be able to work in a school again? Was Magilla Gorilla’s dick worth it? I’m thinking not. Please do not try to coach team “fag” because you do not know the game. Pretty boys may be those things that you think are negative. One thing that most of them can do that makes up for everything is ride and be ridden. Testimony:
      Having a big dick and busting a hot nut in the layers of a pretty boy’s
      cakes is the best. “There ain’t no greater joy than a big butt pretty boy!” A straight man told me that.

  2. I work with people like this and they often like messing with kids because they can control them. They find the innocence and the “clean slate” of a child/teenager attractive. A lot of thought is usually put into who they choose. They don’t want the well-adjusted, popular quarterback, they want the outcast that has few friends and lacks confidence.

    He was more than likely getting fucked rather than doing the fucking.

    She and others like her are still damn fools though. Teenagers can be manipulative and she gave him plenty to work with.

    The reality is she’s white and attractive and the student is black and male so she won’t do much time, if any at all. She’ll have to register as a sex offender but that doesn’t really matter because who would suspect her? She could easily not register and move across the country.

      1. Even if she claims he was laying good pipe, more than likely she was in control during sex. SHE decided when he would get a kiss, when they would meet, and when they would fuck. He was getting mind fucked as well.

        You think a more popular, self-confident high school student would go for that? Nope.

        The thing is those ego strokes she was giving him was slowly giving him confidence and he grew up and finally realized he could be in control now.

  3. DAMN her body is something oh so serious. I do feel sorry for her because she looks like she’s really nice. lol @ all those hahahahaha’s in the damn text messages. I got a feeling he was wack.

    1. ^a feeling frosty?

      that lil jon stunt double is loving this attention.
      i have a hard time feeling sorry for him.
      fuck going to the police.
      he exposed some other chick in his photo albums as well.
      he is retweeting all the “you the man” co-signs and liking all these new slew of snow bunnies in his mentions.

      he is an opportunist.
      she did not hold him down and rape him.
      she wanted the dick and he gave her.
      he only exposed her while he was “drunk” and he found out she was getting banged out by other students.
      I’m sure he was quite content when he was breaking every inch of her walls and throat down.

      the only crime committed is he wasn’t legal and she is a cougar hoe.

      1. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. People will blame her because she was the adult, but he deserves half of that blame too. He was old enough to know better. But noo, his ego, hormones and other boy’s opinions got the best of him. That poor lady will probably never be able to teach again anywhere in the United States. *prays, burns essence and rolls Chinese stress balls in hand for snow bunny*

  4. Both of them need help. When will adults learn that they should not be having any type of sexual relation with a minor? It seems like a new story develops every year. Good luck trying to get your lives back!

    S/N: He must have laid that twat out. Also, it sucks for anyone who shares the same name as either of the them.

  5. I hate when ppl use hahahaha in every freaking text. I find it to be so annoying and immature. It’s like every thing is not a joke. And to see a dude do it makes him lame.

  6. lol i swear teachers are becoming the new priests. its clear she needed to get some but as nice looking as she is she couldnt find someone her own age? or was it that she was doing something she knew was wrong but thats what in her mind made it more “exciting” and “hot”? and looking at the texts it looks like she buying him shit and i bet he was talking bad about her “this bitch really think im into her like that! hahahahaha!” hes not cute to me and seeing that he told the whole world something like that doesnt make him anymore attractive. whos gonna wanna sleep with you when they know you tell twitter everything like its your personal diary? and people who think hes a hero……hes not my hero and will never be. just cause u fucked a teacher doesnt classify you as hero material in the least. she should have known better WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? and i agree she could have found way better.-__-

    1. She’s good looking? In what world? Butterface looks 40 and that thing hanging down from herself is really……shudders.

  7. First, she’s a predator & pedophile for messing with a teenage boy. And stupid for sending him pics & all that incriminating evidence. And really, how well can a 15/16-yo fugg? Big d1ck or not…

    I’m guessing she stopped putting out & he got mad. I’m thinking he doesn’t have much game…but why do people feel the need to broadcast EVERYTHING in their life? If you were disturbed by this, go to the police – not all over Twitter. That’s just…*sigh*

    Everyone has failed here.

    1. So true. 27 year old lady (she looks a lot older) having sex with a 18 yr old is sick in the head. I’m guessing he was underage when it happened in high school because now he’s in college. Another predator & pedophile in our schools & around kids. SMH.

  8. This chick is a rapist. How you fucking kids? If he’s 18 now and doing dumb shit, how old was he when she fucked his goofy ass? Why she even attracted to a kid anyway as an adult, that’s the shit that gets me.

    Sidenote: dick hungry mofos can give two fucks about age, facial features, or body type.

    Teachers and preachers are perfect examples of this, and all of those sick bastards need jail time.

    If they cannot give consent, you shouldn’t be fucking them.

    1. careful with the term “kid”…nothing post pubescent (after puberty starts) is weird at all. A relationship is something else, but physical attractiveness is strongest in the teen years and never goes away after that.
      Hell I see hot 15 year olds all the time and I’m 21. Doesn’t make me weird and it won’t ever because beauty is beauty. Relationship wise is somethin else, like I said before.
      Let’s lay off the knee-jerk ignorance here.

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