WOLF MEAT: Celebrity Snow Wolf Edition (121)

oh channing.
you know i love you and those dance moves of yours.
well, for my wolves who like vanilla cream cakes.

i got a quick peek from behind the scenes of magic mike

i love his back too.
now, let’s see the front…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: Celebrity Snow Wolf Edition (121)”

    1. no its sexier lol!! jamari must have read my mind cause i was thinking about his movie. lol hes bad from head to toe.

  1. That white boy can get it. I been sleep on the white boys, I have seen some sexy ones lately with some swag. I might have to venture to the other side of the tracks lol!

  2. Channing has it going on. He has a swag. You see how he got the perfect heart shape booty. The crease of his cakes makes a diamon. So cute

  3. He used to be an exotic dancer for real, so I’m sure he knows how to move them hips for you foxes out there…

  4. It must be just me. I think he has a great body, and for a middle American, the man can dance. But its his eyes that bug me. The are way too close together for my liking. I suppose this is why the ‘doggy’ position was invented!!!!!!!

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