MEAT: Re-Packaged (217)


one of my f-bi sent the following to me this morning.
i’m currently on my bed with my tail up in the air

it moves.
i have lost my mind.

my mind has gone somewhere and i don’t think i want it to come back.
do you see his body?
those pecs?
the way the shirt gripped his abs as he was pulling off the shirt?
is this what a rush of blood to the head really feels like?

lowkey: i hope whoever is getting pipe from him is riding him like a dirt bike.
he deserves the best.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “MEAT: Re-Packaged (217)”

  1. hes sexy……it would be crazy if he had ugly feet……uuughhh…and if he works out like that to get his body well then imma need him to be my personal trainer or j maybe you could supply more pics so i can take them to the gym and say in my mind “trying to look like that” over and over while i work out! lol

    1. LOL the way he took his shirt off and looked at the screen was like “you wanna see my body ok…….here it is now what you gonna do?” the proper response would be “can you show me in person”? lol

      1. ^but if he drops the pants you cant do anything lol wouldnt it be better to say that in person? lol better yet when ya’ll see each other there wont even need to be any words say you just give him that look and them draws is coming off off uhhhh lol!

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