Breezy Sex Strokes At Summer Jam

Breezy is like the Wolf I like to fuck,
but he pretty much fucked up and won’t ever get my heart again.
But something about him….
Always wins my heart….
…and then he fucks up and I dismiss him.


“Baby I know I fucked up,
Baby I know that I fucked up,
Baby I know that I fucked up…”Breezy on Diddy’s track, I Know

(I’m sure Rihanna feels the same I do)

he performed at Summer Jam in the Concrete Forest and gave a lucky fan a….

watch it here:

So many nasty things came to the surface of my head.
If he fucks as good as he dances…

If you watch,
he gets so hard when he is grindin on those chicks.

3 thoughts on “Breezy Sex Strokes At Summer Jam

  1. i just dont see how that stuff is sexy… just looks like a child playing house. And wolf…honey hes still a high energy emotional wrecking pup. Hes not ready for wolf hood..its not given, its achieved and reflected to those around you. Its not something that has to be stated because it stands and shines alone just like love. You can see it in others and sense it from them too…no one needs to tell you when you see it. hell, dogs dont need to bark for me to know its a damn dog and needs a leash for walking honey.

    1. i understand your point della!
      made me have to think…

      breezy is just a young pup who looks like a fuck.
      nothing more; nothing else.
      i wouldnt want him to break down the laws of science…
      … or even help me multiply 2.2

      trey songz, breezy, and some others are just jumpoffs in my eyes.
      get it in and get OUT

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