irso if you want to watch summer jam 2014 in the privacy of your own phone,
and not be around all the “pineapples”,
you can stream it live:

( X HERE )

enjoy foxhole!

lowkey: only here for nas
and trey.

Does The Foxhole Want To Attend Summer JamXX?


too much hoodrat in that audience.
we don’t sea of ratchet in the foxhole anyway.
i require backstage passes for these events.
so i got you for hot97 summer jam 20th edition

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Tell Me What You Want From Me (MONEY), Take a Look At What You See (BREAD)

Real quick,
I’m not even going to go into a whole entry because I forgot to get to THIS….
but what is THIS nigga doing?

At that moment, Ma$e was definitely your “favorite rapper’s favorite rapper,” as all of the artists proceeded to take photos with Ma$e and show an extreme amount of love for him. Ma$e would later come out with French Montana and Wale to perform the “Slight Work” remix.

He makes me so sick….

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Nicki Minaj, Flex, and A Whole Batch of Watered Down Hip hop of Foolishness

I don’t people to not think I don’t like Nicki.
Her mix tapes were fire.
Her features are pretty on point.
Sadly, her albums tend to have a lot of misses for me.
(last album was garbaj)

After listening to Nicki and Flex go at it yesterday,
I feel like they were both wrong.
Nicki was acting like a baby and Flex was being soft and back peddling.
(his voice was annoying me HEAVY throughout that interview).

Those who missed the interview:


Rosenberg needed to be on the phone and Wayne also.
Nicki was making a big issue about her being a woman and race issues.
It had nothing to do with that.
Rosenberg did not diss her, he dissed her song.
Her techno shit sucks and she sold out.
Rosenberg says what he feels about ANYONE.
If he thinks your shit is wack, especially for a Hip hop concert like Summer Jam, then it is wack.
Plain and simple.

Another thing is,
how you going to let Wayne stop you from performing in your home city?!?!
Especially, since she claims she is about her money?
If she was a real “rapper“,
she would have walked out, dissed Rosenberg with a hot line, and performed.
This is how a real rapper is supposed to do it:


There was no excuse for you Nicki.

Her barbz are always talking about Kim stay stressin Nicki,
but I believe it is the other way around.
Nicki has built her entire career dissing other female artists and bragging about her stats.

Someone sent me this in an email and I found it quite interesting.

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Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown Come Out To Play; Leave Lil’ Kim At Home

(whoa Cam… whats wrong?)

Word on the street is Nicki dug up Foxy Brown from whatever cemetery she was in down in BK.
She was going to surprise the audience with her, and Azealia Banks at Summer Jam.
As you can already guess, that was a NEGATIVE.
Lil Kim, as usual, had a lot to say on Twitter..

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J. Cole and Trey Songz Can’t Get Enough of Summer Jam


… thought you guys may enjoy this.

I’m just glad I’m not in that crowd.
I don’t fuck around with crowds.

Either box seats, VIP, behind the stageor no Fox.

Oh, and car service back to my crib….
or, your crib/hotel for a night cap.

I plays no games.