irso if you want to watch summer jam 2014 in the privacy of your own phone,
and not be around all the “pineapples”,
you can stream it live:

( X HERE )

enjoy foxhole!

lowkey: only here for nas
and trey.

6 thoughts on “SUMMER JAM 2014

  1. Thanks for posting this link J!!! I caught Trigga’s set, and it was cool. Question though; how much is niggas getting paid to run around a stage and yell and be out of breath and point the mic to audience every other word? IJS….

    1. That is why you could NEVER get me to part with my money for these artists today.
      Music is garbage and everything/everyone sounds the same! Do they all go to the same producers and say “give me the same sound like…”?!!

  2. Phone!

    Why do you guys enjoy watching things on your phones? I never liked Game Boys because they were handheld. I could see if you were watching a short Youtube video or playing a mini-game but a concert or a movie… uh uh.

    1. I watch just about watch everything on the net via my phone. Quality is superb and i can lay anywhere and watch stuff

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