Screams of the Bullied

tumblr_m17oma6FHx1qeqww9o1_500this video had me feeling some kind of way.
maybe because it made me go back to a time.
anyway its a kid getting bullied in his class.
i saw it on tumblr the other day and i had to post…

cover-earsthat scream from the heavens tho>>>>>>
well i guess thats his self defense mechanism against the bullying.
very sad nonetheless.
i hope he grows up to be very rich and powerful.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Screams of the Bullied”

  1. poor thing gon have to start swinging on em. That war cry tho>>>>> yaaaasssssssss Xena in this bitch

  2. I know this is wrong, but reminded me of Norbit at the beginning. “So God help me”

    Those kids knew better picking on that kid tho. You know they always target the ones who appear to be weak.

  3. You know in our day and age, do people not realize that there acts cause individuals to grow up and become the psychopaths and mass murders that kill individuals that tormented them when they were younger. Just common senses in our day and age.

  4. Generally the ones that pick on the weak are insecure about themselves and need to make themselves look big and bad. Ask them to pick on someone the same size as them and watch their reaction. Those with mental issues might take you up on it…but those who are truly punks won’t! LOL

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