Rise Of The Foxtails (1)

Does everyone remember the discussion we were having in Meetup With A Faceless Stranger (2)?

Well a challenge was brought to my Foxes attention.
I remember the comments went something like this:

“If yโ€™all wanna send me pics of your cakes, Jay & I will get together & tell you what we thinkโ€ฆlol” – Wolfie

“YES! Tough job but weโ€™re up for the challenge! The winner should be featured on the site. lol” – JAY

I didn’t think anyone would take it serious…
But one of my faithful Foxes who will remain anon
stepped up for the challenge and sent his Foxtail to be judged.

Okay Wolves.
Don’t run now.

this is the first entry…

I like how his sit up.
Nice choice of drawz selection also.

FOX TIP: Stripes can help show tail curves nicely.
Especially if you do not want to send any Wolf a full blown naked shot.

Anyone else want to display their cakes,
Wolf, Fox, or even Vixen,
send your picture to the bakery:


All entries that are displayed will be private
(unless you do not want them to be)

I’m (as well as my Foxes) very interested in seeing some Wolf tails so please,
don’t hesitate to send usย  something nice.

Let the Fox/Vix/Wolf tails rise!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Rise Of The Foxtails (1)

  1. High & tight; a nice round handful of booty. I can dig it…

    I also agree that you & omg should post yours… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. He’s working with a little something. I can’t give a fully accurate analysis because of the pic but I’d give him a 7 out of 10.

  3. yeah its not bad.. #first thought stripes are decieving and theres no wedgie therefore not much depth to the bubble..face value booty analysis complete..in real life..it would be adequate definitely

  4. Y’all don’t wanna see Wolf cakes; what good is that gonna do? Something for the foxes to hold onto, & it’ll just frustrate any fellow wolves…

    Not that mine are bad, I just rather see those that will get used — but anyone feel free to send theirs in! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Maybe its me, but the underwear is all wrong and throws me off. That pattern is crazy and dude has jams…..

  6. Ok, upon further observation (I was on my phone) I have decided these cakes are average. Not something I would crash my car looking at, BUT I can work with it if the complete package is tight. I live in the south so I see stout dudes with perfect thighs and asses that are full and sit high everyday. The bar is pretty high for me.

    I don’t have any objections to wolves showing some cake action. My penis does not discriminate, hell the ones you can’t have are sometimes the best ones. lol

    1. Yes sir I think it’s all the fried food we eat down here lol… And I dont see why wolves don’t post dem cakes they have the better ones sometimes

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