Bret Lockett: S E X T I N G

Well Foxes and Wolves,
my favorite baller, Bret Lockett, is caught up in quite the scandal.
Seems the lockout had a bored Lockett sexting a famous engaged porn star…
One who usually goes coo coo for cocoa cak anyway…

Guess who.

Normally, Kim Kardashian loves attention … but not this kind of attention.

The professional celebrity is PISSED that In Touch Weekly is running a huge cover story claiming she has been cheating on her fiance, Kris Humphries.

They even name her supposed male mistress: NFL player Bret Lockett!

Kim says she has never even met or spoken with Lockett … but in the story Lockett is QUOTED PERSONALLY as saying that Kim pursued him, and that, “I knew this was a game to her … this is what she does.”

Yeah. Kim’s rep says she’s gonna be suing both In Touch and Bret.

A demand letter from Kim’s lawyer has already been sent, threatening legal action and putting In Touch on notice, calling the cheating allegations “are, at a minimum, damaging, defamatory, and an invasion of her privacy.”

The tabloid is running the story anyway. Lawyer up, In Touch.

Very random pairing.

Why did Bret have to profess to the world he was sexting Kim?
Who hasn’t been sexting Kim?
Was this a prize?
Be black,
a baller,
and the possibility of selling your soul to the She-Devil and you can have your very own Kardashian.
There is an ad in the back of every Sunday newspaper.
I am curious as to what was said in the texts.
I have a feeling this is some PR to help his music career.
Sad thing is, if this backfires in his face, he will need PR for being so messy.
Let’s hope a dick pic will be leaked in 5, 4, 3, 2…
or Bret has lost A LOT of points.

29 thoughts on “Bret Lockett: S E X T I N G

  1. JAY :
    I’d love to read a entry on your weblog after meeting me though. You’re so poetic the way you describe dudes. lol

    U think so? Thanks, I try! Its mostly because I have to describe them to friends over the phone or in texts. I paint a picture so they can get an accurate depiction so when they do meet him, they can say “that’s so and so.. you said [insert trait here] and I instantly knew!” Which happens often lol.

  2. Lol I bet you do fit all those qualities. Too bad you like em thugged out. I don’t have any tatts and I use big words in regular conversations for no reason.

    You’d probably have me doing your homework. lol

    1. Lol, undergrad was over-with a month ago no more homework for me (or you!)! But a guy doesn’t HAVE to be thugged out. Masculine within his own right is just as good. Its just thugs tend to already be that from the jump and there’s no having to guess.

      1. I’d love to read a entry on your weblog after meeting me though. You’re so poetic the way you describe dudes. lol

  3. JAY :
    Welp guess if its a him, even if I had the courage to go I won’t find him at Sizzle! Lol!

    Check. Check. Check. Check. and Check

    Yeah, you definitely won’t find me at Sizzle ;-p

  4. If it’s a woman, I have a couple of ideas (especially one), if its a dude NO CLUE.

    I don’t think I’ve met them yet. You know I’m a hermit. lol

    1. Lol Well hopefully its a guy so you won’t be burdened with menstrual cycles and those awful life sucking creatures called “children.”

      1. Hahaha, we both know guys come with their drawbacks as well. My other half was described as attractive, shrewd, intelligent, proud, and dignified.

        Welp guess if its a him, even if I had the courage to go I won’t find him at Sizzle! Lol!

  5. My favorite part:

    “You have been promised a happy relationship with a very attractive, lovely, and pleasing person. You have the potential to derive both emotional and financial gain through this connection.”


  6. My Psychological Type:
    You possess the gift of a clear, strong and objective mind, and you are a lover of truth and integrity in all your dealings. You will always favour reason over chaos, and principles over personal reactions. But there is considerable conflict within you – a dilemma between your rational, detached spirit and your intense and sometimes overpowering feeling. Another way of describing your nature might be to say that you tend to live in your head -because it seems safer, more civilised, and more “decent”

    1. JAY :
      My Psychological Type:
      But there is considerable conflict within you – a dilemma between your rational, detached spirit and your intense and sometimes overpowering feeling. Another way of describing your nature might be to say that you tend to live in your head -because it seems safer, more civilised, and more “decent”

      That is EXACTLY what you express about yourself on your blog lol. Isn’t it crazy??? EVERYONE needs to do this!!!

  7. Who looked for their birth certificate, found it, didn’t find a date, called and interrogated their parental unit to try and remember what time they were born and got an approximate time (C-sections are dont before noon)? ME!!!

    That website, from what i was able to read, had me down to the T!!!! It blew my mind.

    Especially this:
    “You want stability, constancy and serenity in your relationships, because this reflects your own pragmatic and self-contained nature. But you tend to get involved with men who are your complement: men who are anything but stable. You are fascinated by creativity and unpredictability in others, and by that elusive youthful spirit which you yourself somehow missed out on during your own youth”

    I JUST wrote about that on my blog TODAY!!!!!

    1. Vain you’ve read my blog, this is ALL me.

      You are initially difficult to get to know, and others can spend years working in proximity to you without ever really glimpsing your true thoughts and feelings. Even those closest to you – lovers, partners, parents, children, enduring friends – often do not know many facets

  8. 5 is the magic number. For every five people you sleep with you chances for some STDs/STIs increases substantially. The used goods number is your age divided by 5 rounded up to the nearest whole number. Let’s take Kimmy Kakes for example. She’s 30 years old born October 21, 1980. 30/5 = 6. She has been linked to 6 dudes already:
    1. Music producer, ex-husband, Damon Thomas (2000-2004)
    2. Brandy’s brother Ray J (2007)
    3. Baller Reggie Bush(2007-2010)
    4. Baller Miles Austin (2010)
    5. Model Gabriel Aubry (2010)
    6. Baller, fiance, Kris Humphries (2011)

    If the story is true, then baller Bret Lockett would be number 7. She is not up for new dick until she’s 33.
    Also a little interesting that the side relationship has allegedly been going on for 5 months. Looking at her astrological chart she’s a Sun Libra, Rising Sagittarius, with Gemini on the Descendant. It’s not a coincidence that she has been linked to many football players and music industry types not from her cultural background.

    1. That’s an amazing assessment ICeeDedPpl!! 5 is the magic number. I’ll remember that. So are you saying her astrological sign is an indicator of the type of men she dates (i know know nothing about astology)… or is it because she’s a whore with a fetish for black men with big wallets and even bigger penises?

      1. LOL@whore with a fetish for black men with big wallets and even bigger penises.

        No that would be either a Taurus or Scorpio sun sign (freaky whores) with Sagittarius rising (thick thighs, fat asses, attracted to athletes) with Venus in Leo (vixen archetype) in the 2nd House (values money, possessions, material things)

        Her chart indicates what types of partners and certain relationship dynamics she experiences. Sagittarius governs athletes (especially football players), firemen, law officers (police/lawyers), foreign/exotic men. Gemini covers DJs, music producers, authors, comedians. Kimmy Kakes is a complicated vixen. Being a Libra (beautiful/wifey type), with rising Sagittarius (fun, adventurous, sexy from lower back to thighs), and Venus in Virgo (sexy nurse/teacher/assistant/secretary, stripper nun, sexually repressed, trust brings out sex/intimacy) in the 9th house (foreigners/multicultural/different backgrounds, travel, intelligence/higher education) shows that she appears to be okay on the surface.

        The problem comes for other areas in her chart. Her house of career, image, and public status (10th house) is filled with volatile planets. She has Lilith (hidden manipulation), Jupiter (luck, fortune), Saturn (restriction), and Pluto (hidden power, intensity) in the 10th house in Libra (diplomacy, balance, grace in relationships). With her Libra Sun is in the 11th house (friendship, groups, platonic relationships, socialite archetype) so I would not be surprised if she met most of her wolves through her friendships or stole her girlfriend’s man once or twice or three times before and they did not expect that she would do that.

        Her relationships are governed with Mercury/Gemini being on the descendant (7th house). Gemini is ruled by Mercury which governs intelligence, thinking, and communication. In a relationship house it means having more than one partner at the same time or having many relationships for a very short time always expecting the grass to be greener. Venus in Virgo doesn’t help matters as she can appear boring or stiff strangely enough. She also has Mercury (communication style) and Uranus (eccentric/electronics/technology) in Scorpio (sex, erotica) in the 12th house (blindspots, secrets, shame) so phone sex, skype sex, sexting is not out of the question.

        Her Dragon’s Head is important too because it is in the 8th house which governs other people’s money, property, and sex. Her Dragon’s Head is in Leo which is retrograde. Leo is all about fame, fortune, the spotlight and retrogrades block energy. Kimmy is never gonna be the star she wants to be, the star she probably feels like on the inside. Basically she famous (infamous) for the sex/relationships she has with her romantic partners. Where she gets in trouble is when technology scandalizes her very public relationships. Her Dragon’s Tail is in Aquarius (the opposite sign of Leo). Aquarius which is governed by Uranus rules technology–computers, cell phones, video recordings–so it is not a shock that a sex tape made her famous and a potential sexting scandal could break up her current relationship with all of this happening in the public eye. Dragon’s Head shows where a person is comfortable and the Dragon’s Tail shows the trouble spots.

        To top it all off, she probably is experiencing what is called the Saturn’s Return. The most recognized Saturn’s Return is a person’s second Saturn’s Return during age of 50 – 55;the midlife crisis. The first Saturn’s Return happens during the ages of 28 to 33. Saturn’s Return is all about Saturn returning to the same spot at birth in a person’s birth chart at the present time. Like lot of early 80’s babies, Kimmy Kakes was born with Saturn (restriction, work, fears) in Libra (relationships, balance). Saturn’s Return is all about transitioning into adulthood–emotionally. What is working in life will stay and improve what is not working with be torn away. Also add in that Pluto (hidden power/intensity) in Libra, unexpected changes in relationships, all relationships, will occur during this time.

      1. Yeah you can. Head over to to do your free chart. They’ll give you the basics and some ideas to think about. Tons of websites and books available to go in depth. I like psychological astrology more than the woo-woo new age stuff.

        Relationship issues will be wherever Venus and related signs (Taurus and Libra) are located. Also look at the 1st house (self) and 7th house (romantic relationship) and 8th house (sexual relationships) are important as well as their rulerships. Conjunctions and squares come into play later, but you got to understand the basics first.

  9. shes a beautiful girl..but i think shes boring..i never get the lengthy track record thing the guys put on the hot girls like J-Lo, Kim K …regular str8 dudes will say..”oh her nah..too many dudes done ran through that” as if one of those women gave them the time of day they would pass on that ass”..

    and from you Jamari im suprised! lol..Kim’s had like what 5 boyfriends that we all know about including her first husband…would u want a wolf to consider u past ur prime after being linked to 5 dudes over ur lifetime?

    Whats the magic number where one goes from Experienced living a full life to Used Goods?

  10. YngBlkWolf :Low hanging fruit

    #whoisjamarifox :?????????????
    oh ok i get it… lol

    Meaning minimal to no effort to get it…satisfies the immediate hunger, but ultimately leaves you wanting something more substantial

  11. Pleas show us the pics or atleast some sexy topless pics. He looks like he blessed… I hope

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