The Battle of The Blands Continues…

They say when you are at the bottom,
you will do anything to each the top.
Lie, cheat, steal… just to have your name in lights.

Two attention whores fighting for the bigger spotlight.
Be careful Kim.
This is one entertainment channel everyone is tuned into.

This situation is getting very messy.
And we here at Jamari Fox love other people’s mess, right?
Especially one that involves a bored baller and a boring bunny.

Who do you think is telling the truth?
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Bret Lockett: S E X T I N G

Well Foxes and Wolves,
my favorite baller, Bret Lockett, is caught up in quite the scandal.
Seems the lockout had a bored Lockett sexting a famous engaged porn star…
One who usually goes coo coo for cocoa cak anyway…

Guess who.

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