Teasing Me With His Fat…Bicep

Summer makes me so horny.
If you even touch me a certain way,
I am liable to turn into a werewolf and…

Well you already know.

So I left work early yesterday and I headed to my train…

My allergies made another appearance so I was cranky and high off Benadryl.
I figured I’d go straight home and knock the fuck out since I had no plans.
When I get onto the train platform,
my train was there,
but all the doors were closed and it was just… there.
Suddenly one of the doors opened and everyone piled in.

For someone who was so high off of Benadryl,
I was catching major FIRE at the stepping on my loafers and the pushing and other attitudes.
We looked like straight sardines in that train car as some people got off and more people got on.

In mid roll of my eyes, HE piled on.
HE was a Wolf coming straight from construction.
How I knew?
He was all dirty (just how I like them).
He had gloves in his back pocket and his clothes were all dusty.
But everything on his resume qualified for my J.O.B.

He looked like Dez Bryant a little in the face (with smaller features)
He was caramel complected (hopefully flavored too)
Couple tattoos (i like em inked)
He wore a black fitted and underneath was cornrows (he wasn’t perfect)
His muscular frame was outlined by his fitted clothes (i saw pecs!)
Black T. Jeans. and some sneakers (nice and dirty)

He was fine.

He came in and was looking dead in my eyes.
Horny meter rose a few notches.
He moved next to me and we just stood there.
I had my headphones on, groovin’ to Trey Songz “Ready” album (which was not helping!).
I saw him out the corner of my eyes grillin yummy a la FOX
BUT due to everyone pretty much in our faces, he just eye fucked me to death.
He moved away when the train started to let people off, leaned on the door, and grabbed onto the rail.

I do not know if it was the medicine,
but I could not stop staring at his bicep flexing as the train moved.
It was like a dance that had me hypnotized.
I could just picture him standing in front of me in his draws,
removing his clothes,
making his arm muscles move up and down.
Horny meter on full tilt. 

I forgot I was even feeling sick.
When I got to my stop, he eye fucked me so hard as I came out.
Not the idea of cummin’ I had but, eh, it worked for me.
I am sure I will see him again.

Here’s hope.
He owes me a dance.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Teasing Me With His Fat…Bicep”

  1. looked liked dez bryant? Oh i wouldeve tried to talk about anything with him. You lucky fox !

  2. On a separate note: where is D’Angelo? Or at least that one up there? He was all cut and sexy, now he’s the Stay-Puf man…Imma need him to get it together.

  3. Shoulda used the crowded train as an excuse to bump into him – then say ‘my bad’ as you linger just a beat too long to move off him…

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