Don’t Worry Because I’ll Take Care Of You

… those are the words he says to you.
Just before I am sure you faint, I’m sure.

But what if you finally met the Wolf/Fox of your dreams…

We all have fantasies.

I don’t care who it is or what lifestyle they claim,
Straight, gay, bi, or tri
we all dream of someone perfect for us.
 we all fantasize about someone…
…or something…
…or someplace we want to be/become. 

For some of you, the Fox of your dreams may be Jamari Fox.
I know.
I’ve been known to be on everyone’s mind…
and I’m sure we would do damage together.
But alas, I am not the star of this story this time…


The Fox of your Wolfy dreams maybe some thick masculine fat caked brotha who does exactly what you want, when you want him too.
Keeps your business quiet and has a good head on your shoulders.
The Wolf of my Foxes dreams could be a baller stallion with a good job and even a better penis.


If I was your one and only friend
Would u run 2 me if somebody hurt u
Even if that somebody was me?
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be
Please – Prince, If I Was Your Girlfriend

But what if this fantasy suddenly appeared in your life
and wanted to take care of you.
This would involve leaving behind your dreams, job, friends, and current life…

… to start something new with him.

This means starting fresh in a new city or town.
Just you both.
Would you do it?
When we think about the men of our dreams…

Would you do the unthinkable and leave it all behind?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Because I’ll Take Care Of You”

  1. No.

    Mainly because you said dreams, and partially friends. My dream/ideal Vixen/Fox wouldn’t ask me to jettison my dreams & desires for them. We’d work to make sure each other has what they’ve always wanted…it’s not about you or me, it’s about US.

  2. If Devin Thomas were to ask me to move up North to live happily ever after, would i do it? Damn, the correct answer is no. But part of me would try it out for 6 months to see if i like it. I mean… If i were to say no I’d have to be RREEEAAALLLYY confident that i will find someone else like him again and that I’m not missing out the opportunity of a life time. It’s a lot easier to imagine attaining the perfect job, house, car, friends (slightly),…. but the perfect man? Those tend to only be found under the cover’s of books.

  3. Honestly, I’d like to say I would, but my sensibilities would probably come out on top. Although I do believe it is our obligation as human beings to take any opportunities for happiness we are granted, I have never been one to rely anyone but myself. Letting someone take care of me is not in my genetic make-up. Furthermore, leaving my career and life behind for anyone goes against everything I was raised to believe in.

    I wish I could be like these dudes and college grads I see though. Moving to Atlanta or Miami or L.A. at the drop of a dime with no job prospects and no place to live. Couldn’t be me.

    1. ^i agree but they have that faith and sense of adventure.
      it is a roll of the dice.
      i have way too much clothes and shoes to be luggin around the country without a stable closet to put them in.


      1. They’ll tell you they usually pay for that sense of adventure later, that’s if they learned anything.

        I’ve heard too many stories about dudes who have moved in with dudes who wanted to take care of them and they ended up becoming their parents. Others move to Atlanta or New York on a whim and end up sluttin themselves just to make rent every month.

        No thanks, I’ll keep my ass right here in the deep south with my financial security and independence. Don’t mean to ruin the fantasy though. Now Reggie Bush can send the jet to come get me every weekend though. lmao

        1. ^that is what i like.
          realistic answers.
          i do not condone dumbing yourself down in my comment boxes.
          this is where you are free to vent and say what you feel.
          i know i do.


  4. Seriously it would have to truly depend on me. I know we all have those fantasies of being swept off our feet by our dream wolf/vixen but are we ready to just move out and start new. I can’t lie I have this fantasy that Julius Peppers/Darnell Docket/ Vernon Davis/Vernon Gloston ( all the fine thick NFL wolves that you left out Jamari) sees me at a game after party and we hit it off and keep our relationship a total secret and he ask me to move in with him. First off I would have to check myself I mean yea they are sexy as hell but do I have the right attitude, demeanor, and finances to just up and move like that. It would be smart to save and keep my measly minumum wage job till I can do something better which will come to me just like the wolf of my dreams will. And if that wolf so happens not to show well pop some henny and roll me a few trees and on to plan B

    1. Hmmm, I thought Vernon Davis was a Fox…just cuz they thick & cut, don’t sleep lol

      1. Lol I figured as much. Another word in the forest is he is not blessed in the meat department. But the cakes r nice and fat I wonder y????

  5. S/N: I know I’m a Wolf cuz I’m looking at those sexy ballers up there & thinking about what their cakes look like & how it would feel to get inside…dangit, now I’m horny… lol

    1. Lol me too. I just know a footballer fox would be talking dirty as hell when it goes down. I’d turn on some Too short and let them dance on the dick like they’re at sizzle. Let me see what those cakes can

  6. I might be a fox but i LUVS me some cakes too yngblkwolf. Wolves arent the only ones. OK!

  7. will the foxes be happy if this site becomes a place where all the wolves circle and the foxes stay hiding down in the hole? i wouldnt give it all up for that person..because they arent the whole show..they are only a PART of that perfect life…which is comprised of the friends and work that i want in the city i want to live in

  8. It would go something like this…..

    **having a fierce dream of my man materializing and coming into my love**

    **his ass appears n shit!**

    **im shocked!**

    **I reach for my pearls next to my lamp on the night stand and clutch them in glee and horror cause this shit shouldnt be happenin like this…Im thinking this some crazy white folks ass calgon calgon take me away shit!**

    **he speaks**

    “Baby, I wanna take you away and be to you what you are to me!”

    ***my pupils dilate! I get so hot inside**

    “Where do you wanna take me baby? to red lobster? im not picky baby”

    **he gives me the stank face of confusion**


    “I wanna take you to cali to live with me during the season. I may get drafted again and we may have to move around. We can be like kendra and hank! She stuck by her man and moved anywhere he needed her and his baby to move to. youve been dreaming about me for so long and now im here. you should be willing to please me at any cost. its the same i would most likely do for you. Besides, I believe im the one paying for everything.”

    **he chuckles… just knowing hes got this in the bag**

    “Look I dont know about all this boy. I need to talk to my friends, family. I mean this is not some easy decision. You just waltzing up in here like fabio n shit, wind blowin n shit. windows open n shit….i mean i just dont know boo. You fine, but damn, you still a damn stranger…you could be the damn craigslist killer…and not the good kind that kills the ass in bed. ”

    **He gives me a bothered look and says**



    “LORD! NIGGAZ AINT SHIT EVEN IN MY DREAMS LORD! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  9. Excuse us WOLFTYLE? You wolves are the ones always hiding trying not to be clocked. Dont come for us lol we been waiting on youll. Youll not ready for us foxes

  10. LOL…go ahead jamari send out a call for all the foxes to go tails up..ummm..thats kind of our favorite…its all good i was just asking a rhetorical question the site has always been comments from the fox i was just wondering i love all of the viewpoints

    1. Oh, they’ve been asking for the wolves point of view, but y’all been hiding – leaving me w/o a pack. Lets see if they handle what they’ve been wanting all this time… 🙂

  11. Well if he wanted to take care of me…family and friends had to be included in the situation. Why not do what Carrie and Big did and in Sex and the City 2? Did she not keep her place for emergencies? I’d say Wolfie, we have to have a backup a plan, just in case. Keep the apartment, house, etc. you live in and make sure you ass can still pay for it, just in case the WOLVES, who finally showed up, have a mad day. At least you can say you have a Plan B. Just a thought.

  12. Hell no! I couldn’t abandon my life to be with any man no matter what his financial, physical, or mental status is. One reason is that the man of my “dreams” doesn’t exist. As much as a person may fit exactly what you want, there will be something about him that keeps you from being 100% vulnerable with him. Second reason is that I just couldn’t imagine allowing another dude take care of me. Maybe that’s my wolf side talking, but I have to be independent.

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