Overexposure Will Make You Put Your Phone Down


have you ever just wanted to disappear?
for a good week,
just not be available to any and everyone?
your phone goes on silent,
emails on “vacation mode”,
and you just do you for a good week?
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Time For (Mi) To Grow Up


i had a good talk with mi last night.
when i got in,
she was packing up her stuff.
we haven’t been talking,
but i wanted to know what her next stop was going to be.
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Khloe Kardashian Had My Ultimate Fantasy Singing Wolf?

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.03.42 PMshe always looks so good in her ig glamour shots.
so khloe kardashian celebrated her birthday last night.
she invited the fam and a few of her favorite friends to dave and busters.
well look who she was allegedly leaving the party with…
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I Gotta Go (Soon)

1cbb622171cc495bc37f2cc8f6e1ccf6 i cannot wait…

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No, Don’t Leave! (Yes, Please Go)

tumblr_mqeywnIM471r2up59o1_500in life,
we must learn to accept change.
change can be uncomfortable,
but it is needed in order for us to grow.
well as you know,
i am beyond ready for the next adventure in my life.
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A Door Marked Exit

Along-the-cliff-tops-Marinha-beachjamari fox.
you have two doors to choose from.
the door on th
e left has smog,
and broken dreams.
the door on the right is sunshine,
roaches that fly,
and mickey mouse.
which one will you choose?…

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