Overexposure Will Make You Put Your Phone Down


have you ever just wanted to disappear?
for a good week,
just not be available to any and everyone?
your phone goes on silent,
emails on “vacation mode”,
and you just do you for a good week?

sometimes a good disappearing act is a must.
it could be for a few days,
a week,
or maybe a month,
but it’s okay to disconnect and do a mental detox.
many celebs do it on social media.
they’ll take some time to just step away from it all.

when you post,
or available every second of the day,
that tends to bring your stock down.
with sites like snapchat,
and the new “insta-snap”,
it encourages you to be “live” at any given moment.
that tends to cause too much circulation on your part.

“how much times can he take his shirt off?”
“the club again this weekend? wow.”
“is he wearing that dog thot filter again in his room?”


that tends to make you pretty accessible.
once that happens,
the forests knows your every move.
in my opinion,
it’s best to have people not get too familiar with your movements.
it should be an event when you show up.
when you decide to post a picture,
it should be something everyone looks forward too.
most of these attentionistos do the same ol same ol.
it gets boring and they lose their value.

so try switching it up.
take a ton of pictures today and then vanish for a day or two.
post one picture one day,
and then a video doing something out of character the next.
that creates continued interest.
when you are too available,
then you become too UN-appreciated.


no one wants that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Overexposure Will Make You Put Your Phone Down”

  1. Love this. I agree, too much social media posting makes people boring. You get to the point where you no longer care what they are doing because it’s either a shit ton of selfies or plain bullshit (several second video of their commute to work, snaps of food, etc). I love a little mystery.

    1. Oh and those videos of people recording themselves not saying anything and making faces at the camera are obnoxious and awkward, too.

    1. ^i noticed that with a few attentionistos.
      They posted the same thing everyday of him in the gym.
      same machines and doing the same workouts.
      nothing changed.
      it got boring for me real fast.
      i also realized how dull they really are.

  2. I can’t stand people that post everyday too. Especially when it’s the same kind of content. Borrrring.
    I also unfriend anyone on snapchat that post over 5 snaps on their story everyday. Like bitch your life ain’t that interesting. Chill.

    Those are the types that will have THEIR phone all in your face when you’re together just so they can film you for their dry ass snapchat stories.

    1. ^i don’t mind if people post over 5 snaps,
      but make it interesting.
      show me something else.
      do funny shit.
      just don’t do the same shit every single day and weekend.

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