Jason Derulo Is The Popstar With The Good Hair?

jasonderulo21jason derulo has had many hairstyles.
when he first started,
he was rocking the ceasar.
he had a short fade with designs in it.
the faux-hawk and then a mohawk came after.
that ended up having designs as well.
he done dreaded up the mohawk.
well now it’s this.
he took the braided up man bun and did something different.

img_20161025_123312635939449141169188-1813546979_tumblr_likh4udrev1qck5uzo1_400it looks like a small amazon temple on the top of his head.
it’s interesting.
he is handsome,

can he be a little corny.
i did like “talk dirty” tho.

lowkey: is he still doing that “music” thing?

15 thoughts on “Jason Derulo Is The Popstar With The Good Hair?

  1. That he’s such a try-hard is a total turn-off. Like, he’s the perfect example of how a decent-looking person can come off as totally asexual. Everything about his look is so incredibly calculated.

  2. He delights my eyes. I think he can hold a decent conversation. Nice body. I’d hit it, and keep quiet, too.

  3. Handsome as usual that style to me looks like when guys who have locs, such as myself, they get their locs braided back into what resembles the fishtail hairstyle but i dont usually see guys with low haircuts braiding the top of their hair…I’m honestly tired of the ‘man bun’ i i think the man bun looks more appropriate on females i’ve never been here for it lol

    1. Me neither, I don’t like it, only like the 1% of guys I’ve liked it on, and they were FOOINE either way, other than that, it’s a turn off.

      Idk what it is about him, but something doesn’t “work” for me. He’s cute,his music isn’t memorable for me though, but there’s something else I don’t like about his personality…

  4. On this dude, I think it looks good. Nice looking brother, dont know too much about his music but good luck anyway.

  5. Cosigned, he can pull many style and very versatile from what i see, and sexy Haitian. Not many vocalist can do this ex.) Jaheim failed with that Star Trek hair do and already getting dragged.

  6. He looks 1 BILLION times better with a beard! I damn near fell out of my seat watching that video! 😂😂😂 Please STOP already! 🙉

  7. He is a handsome dude though, I’ll give him that. But his music is hit and miss with me.
    He should be in Chris Brown’s place right now, since he all but fucked it up for himself and there’s really no one else in the game right now…but he’s not.
    Does his label not know how to market him?!

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