No, Don’t Leave! (Yes, Please Go)

tumblr_mqeywnIM471r2up59o1_500in life,
we must learn to accept change.
change can be uncomfortable,
but it is needed in order for us to grow.
well as you know,
i am beyond ready for the next adventure in my life.

i booked a job interview next week!

i know.
the new vixen also put me on to her top recruiters.
i have to send them my resume tonight.
she is very well connected and respected.

i feel ready to move on.
my spirit is telling me too.
this “urge” all came at the right time too.
they are moving my department to a whole new location.
they were in negotiations all year,
but they decided to move way downtown.
so it will be a longer commute of transfers for me.

it’s also like taking a shower and putting on dirty underwear

a whole new building and location,
but the same animals from my department.

Do I really want that?

n3RGs0Oi am comfortable there.
i been at that job for two years.
i paid my dues,
and got a lot of respeck on my name,
but i want something new.
there is nothing left there for me.
keep your fingers crossed.

lowkey: i don’t want to see ww anymore.
that is one of my main reason i want to go too.
all this back and forth,
him coming around my section,
catching him looking at me,
but not speaking.
go away with these childish games.
it makes me sick we are even like “this” for so long.
i’ll bow out gracefully and move on.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “No, Don’t Leave! (Yes, Please Go)”

  1. Pray out loud and claim the job to be yours. Nothing but goodness will come your way, it’s your time , go get it!!

  2. Yes buddy, sending positive vibes your way. I really hope you get it, sometimes it takes certain situations for us to leave something that’s not good for us.

  3. I will keep you in my prayer… But please make sure your next job is something you really love, and feel passionate about not just something to pay the bills. You spent two years of your life in that fucking place, it’s NOT gonna happen again.

  4. FINALLY! I’m SO excited to hear news like this! I know you haven’t gotten the job yet, but THIS is what I’m talking about owning your fate; putting yourself out there and doing your part to encourage the change you desire! GREAT news Jamari! You NEED this and it’s well beyond time! *does a jig for Jamari*
    Cheers to you man!

    1. ^omg thank you d!
      such a sweet message that boosted me up!
      i am praying this goes well next week.
      i really would like a nice strong win for the beginning of summer!

  5. Yea, I believe it is time for you to remove yourself from the toxic environment, it has been long overdue. I just want you to make the best decision.

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