I’m A Dangerous Fox (You Make Me)


okay ariana.
with your lolita lookin’ tail.
those rabbit ears are so suggestive.
they really make play up her “younger/old” look.
it’s very interesting.

i dig this album.
i listened to it all day.
every song i like.
she always seems to mature with every album.

i’m just glad they burned those gogo boots from last era.

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Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “I’m A Dangerous Fox (You Make Me)”

  1. I’m a fan of Ariana and love her voice, but I prefer it singing certain type of songs. I feel like with her and Tori Kelly their voices sound better sing more soulful music and not purely pop. Like her first album had pop but it was mostly a 90s r& b vibe to it. Liked the last album but I think this one is going in the right direction.

    More mature sounding sounds that deal with more grown up subjects.

    P.S. So happy about the death of the gogo boots now if only we can stop the “half up pony,” hairstyle.

  2. Ariana is going to be doing a duet with Christina on The Voice but I don’t know if they already sang yet.I stopped watching the Voice after all the Black contestants were voted off.Yes I am petty๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Music aside, she needs a stylist badly. I pray she gives up this prostitot/sultry 14 year old vibe she be trying to give and that stale ass ponytail.

  4. Ugh, I just can’t get into her, I just keep hearing bad things about her attitude, and her music (from what I’ve heard) is just okay for me, for her, it’s good, the theme and hook is pretty cool, but considering the kind of music I believe she’s actually capable of with her voice, it’s just okay.
    This song picked up for me when she really started belting towards the end, that was nice, but she doesn’t do it for me sadly. I still am not familiar with most of her music.

    She could really be something though. Voice is a bit whiny at times, but boy does she have range! Her range is very rare!

    1. @Diggy…I agree that her voice is annoyingly whiny at times, but she does have range and power. The one thing that I hate though is that you can’t understand her lyrics on some songs…and she has some good songs.
      Outside of that, with the right songs and producers she will be around for a while…IF she loses the diva attitude you hear so much about.

  5. Yesss Jamari!! Come ALL THE WAY THROUGH with this entry!!! Love this album! There’s no skippable songs either.

    Into You, TOUCH IT, Sometimes are my favs

    1. I don’t know about the no skippable song part. I mean the CD is okay…but I guess it’s up to the listener.

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