Troye Sivan Takes Me To His “Blue Neighborhood”

why ya’ll ain’t tell me about troye sivan?

i saw him perform on the #bbmas.
i wasn’t really paying attention,
but i thought it was some frail snow fox full of angst.
well i was wrong

his debut album:


…is amazinnnnnggggg.
i love the chill vibe it gives me.
it was released last year december,
but it’s picking up steam in popularity.
so i saw this doing some sniffin’ around for another entry:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.08.56 PM…and was curious.
well i’m glad i listened to my foxy senses.
the best part is he is gay.
not only that,
he is singing about shit the foxhole can relate with.
super heavy.

…and then the “gut punch” of what i’m dealing with:

18w3z2rr22d94gifi feel you troye!
i feellllllllllzzzzzzzzz you!
he is singing every word of my thoughts/feelings/situation with his music.
he isn’t depressing like sam smith,
but he sings about his testimony within the life and the love in it.
the concept seems to be gay life for the suburbia snow fox.
i’m already about to press “buy album” on itunes.
i want “blue neighborhood” in my collection.
i needed an album like this.
i really did.
check out his three part video of “blue neighborhood”:

…and i just pressed “buy album”.
i’m on my way to being a stan for troye sivan this summer.

lowkey: i love my visual singers a la lana del rey.
troye sivan is giving me the same.

check out troye sivan “blue neighborhood”: spotify | itunes | google play

check out the lyric breakdown of each song: genius

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Troye Sivan Takes Me To His “Blue Neighborhood””

  1. I didn’t know him until this post! I loved those three videos! Very well made! I like his voice, his content, and his music! Looking into him now! Zayn is still my boy, but I really like what I heard! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of him! Thanks Jamari!

  2. Been on this guy for awhile. Everytime I went on YouTube his music played before like every video. WILD and YOUTH are great.

  3. Why does it seem like its so easy for the foxes with white fur to break out in the industry and be accepted and supported. There are tons of darker foxes who are working super hard to make a name for themselves but we never hear about them……. Shame.

  4. ^i’m usually late,
    but right on time!
    i’m really liking the vibe of this album.
    i needed something like this.
    i “feel” this music like i do with lana del rey.

  5. I’m surprise you’re just hearing about him, I have know about him for years because he’s a YouTuber. I peeped his album when it came out an dug it, I’m surpise does not bigger but I’m sure he will get there.

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