Justin Bieber Wants You To Beat It

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.27.53 PMsomeone get this justin bieber a retirement plan booklet.
geez louise.
he is just not for this “fame” life anymore.
he is completely over it,
the grass,
the trees,
red m&ms,
fruity pebbles
the list goes on and on.
so a couple fans wanted to give him a present.
this is what he did with said present…

az0Vjgaw_700wa_0well damn!
tough crowd!
he threw it like a pair of socks on christmas.
how nasty was that tho?
i’m mad they still screaming “i love you”.
i don’t know what’s going on with justin,
but maybe he needs to step away from the spotlight.
he has enough money so i don’t see why he won’t.
when you writing these gems on your social media:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.33.24 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.32.43 PM


…then it’s time to re-evaluate your entire life.
from start to finish.
you know what the sad part is?
his stans would swallow it all if he demanded it.

lowkey: it’s funny how he could get away writing that.
imagine beyonce or rihanna writing something like ^that?
can we say “crucifixion”?

see more ranting and raving on justin’s: instagram

video taken: shady music news

15 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Wants You To Beat It

  1. The one thing I don’t understand is, if he didn’t want to receive gifts or affection or any of that, then why did he have his window down? That’s what I’m confused about. I mean it’s one thing to not want to receive anything but it’s as if he did it to spite his fans! Is there something I’m missing?

  2. I would still fuck him balls deep in his little Canadian pink bussy. His arrogance would only serve to make me punish him even more. Why are we so shocked at the behavior of a 20 something white male who is told that he is god? It’s par the course.

  3. Just read his comment about award shows and I’m genuiely surprised. He seems intelligent and his comments made sense. I think he just wants a deeper connection with someone. Like someone who really wants to be his friend just for him..

    1. Tbh I actually didn’t have a problem with that post either. Stating the obvious, but a point not stated enough, especially by celebrities. I don’t blame him for feeling that way, but he should realize that it’s a business and the other celebs are using that to their benefit. It kind rubs as though he’s knocking their hustle. He’s right in saying that these award shows aren’t actually to recognize talent, so there should be no surprises.

  4. You notice who most of his fans are and they didn’t care about him using the N word and he had the slaves come in droves to take up for him. He is a person that needs to get hands put on him and dragged to possibly bring him back to reality. He is a coward and without security I doubt he would be pushing anyone or trying to act gangsta. I know I am bringing up the past but is it okay for me to just say that “I DON’T Like HIM.”

    P.S. If he didn’t want the present he could have waited til he got home to throw it away or better yet give it to someone. When people stop praising others and just treat them like a commoner and not allow this type of behavior then they will get better results. Chris would never do this and he has more talent than Justina (where is our Chris BROWN post?).

    1. Really? Chris wouldn’t do this? From my knowledge he hasn’t yet, but I’m not convinced that if he was feeling the same way about his fans, he wouldn’t do the same. I mean, if he’s capable of throwing chairs out of windows and rocks at cars, than I would think that this would be child’splay! Chris has his own set of crazy lol.

      1. Wait…

        When did my baby throw chairs and rocks?

        *Awaits response to book a flight with his meds in hand*

      2. I remember a story a few years ago where he was at rehab and he got so enraged that he threw some sort of rock aimed at his mom’s car. Some say it was a really big rock, but I’m not exactly sure, and before that he apparently threw a chair out of a window from a building?

        Okay here are the links: Chair through the window


        Links for rock at car:


        It was years ago that these things happened, he’s a bit better now I think.

        I will say that I think he cares more for his fans than Bieber, but just saying that given his history I wouldn’t put anything past him.

      3. @ Dee Jay Sorry, I replied to your comment with links, but it’s still being moderated lol

        But he threw a rock at his mom’s car at rehab and at another point he threw a chair out of a window when he was asked in an interview about the Rihanna incident. Those were both a few years ago.

        Basically was saying I wouldn’t put anything past him, given that not much has changed with his behaviour, he just hasn’t been throwing thing as much.

        LOL @ the meds. Yes, get to him QUICK! He needs them!

      4. @Dignified come all the way through with the receipts!!

        Chris is a abrasive sociopath and using the word “never” with him is a joke within itself. This is the same man who dragged his fans on Twitter for not buying his album & clothing. The same man who called them broke.

        Him & Beiber are both garbage.

    2. What? Bad example. Chris stays going off on people, it happens so much that it doesn’t get much attention anymore. He’s snapped plenty of times, I haven’t forgot about Rihanna

    3. Both him and Chris suck and speak to a larger problem of lack of talent, development, and humility in young male artists in the industry today.

      No one is going to remember them in 10 years. Aaron Carter, Sammie, and B2K all had their time in the sun and look where they are now.

      Justin wouldn’t feel some type of way about award shows if he was actually winning anything but the weekend has been cleaning up at all of them.

      Usher essentially put Justin Bieber on and he doesn’t even fuck with him anymore. That says plenty!

  5. Lol ol boy threw that shit out the window like fuck yall bitches. Proves that you can have all the money and adulation in the world but it doesn’t mean anything if you ain’t happy on the inside.

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