He Brought His Unexpected Package To Me

when i get down,
i need to really realize that i’m loved.
there are some pretty great folks in my life who care about me.
when you add on the foxhole,
it’s a serious blessing.
so one of my good home wolves said he had something to give me.
we haven’t seen each other in a minute so i said come through.
he said he would swing my job after work to bring it to me.

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Justin Bieber Wants You To Beat It

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.27.53 PMsomeone get this justin bieber a retirement plan booklet.
geez louise.
he is just not for this “fame” life anymore.
he is completely over it,
the grass,
the trees,
red m&ms,
fruity pebbles
the list goes on and on.
so a couple fans wanted to give him a present.
this is what he did with said present…
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This Entry Is For “The Man”…

i got you a present.
you are always a great commenter and i love your voice.
so i saw these pics and i instantly thought of you.

ready for it

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My Focus Is To Suck and Get F*cked As Many Times Before I Grow Old and Die.

wake up.
look at the ceiling.
grab phone.
sign onto jack’d.
look through messages.
none worth replying.
go get breakfast.
look through ads.
find one.
clean up crib.
clean up insides.
invite over.
he leaves.
hop on jack’d.
go through profiles.
sign on bgc and a4a.
look through more profiles.
do it some more.
and some more.
go to bed.

is this the life of you?
is your whole world dominated by looking for a wolf/hybrid/or fox?
have you lost control of your priorities?
what do you want to do with your life anyway?
or, are you satisfied being an online socialite?
i started to wonder…

Where is your focus right now?

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