He Brought His Unexpected Package To Me

when i get down,
i need to really realize that i’m loved.
there are some pretty great folks in my life who care about me.
when you add on the foxhole,
it’s a serious blessing.
so one of my good home wolves said he had something to give me.
we haven’t seen each other in a minute so i said come through.
he said he would swing my job after work to bring it to me.

it was a jail broken fire stick!
i’ve been hearing how good it is from various sources.
he’s been bugging me to get one,
but it seemed too good to be true.
plus i have a whole ps4 that i watch netflix/hulu on.
well i’m looking at it now….

…and i’m highly impressed.
you know what’s crazy tho?
  i legit asked for this a while back.
not the fire stick,
i said i wanted to be able to watch things on my tv.
i have way too much on my computer screen at times.
from various windows and apps,
things get lost in the shuffle.
i didn’t know how it would happen,
but God answered my prayers and sent this device randomly in my lap.
ever since i’ve been focusing on working on my depression,
and studying the law of attraction real heavy,
a lot of good things have been happening in my life.
i hope i can keep this momentum up.
there is a certain wolf i’m trying to manifest into my life.
i’m ready to appreciate his penis.

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