Being The “Least Gay” Can Have You Killed Out Here

this is paul akinnuoye and he’s a jackal.
he’s the “least gay” of his crew.
because of being “least gay”,
he stabbed his friend to death.
i’m sure you’re confused.
a foxholer sent me the stupidity here via gay star news

A student was stabbed to death after an argument over who was least gay.

Paul Akinnuoye, 20, from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, killed 19-year-old Jordan Wright.

The pair had called each other homophobic insults on a Whatsapp group called ‘Ice City Boyz’.

Akinnuoye called Wright a ‘batty boy’. Wright then responded: ‘On your mum’s life I’m straighter than you.’

The argument over who was least gay escalated. This led to the pair agreeing to a fight in Shooters Hill, south-east London.

Wright, who was due to start a construction apprenticeship days later, thought it would be a ‘fist fight ting’.

But Akinnuoye armed himself with a small knife, the court was told.

On 19 April last year, the defendant met with a group of men, including Wright, in Blackheath.

Wright then suffered repeated stab wounds, collapsed and died.

Part of the knife was left at scene while the defendant ran away in a taxi.

A sniffer dog found a piece of red plastic on the ground. Akinnuoye’s housemates identified this as belonging to a set of knives.

While the defendant tried to dispose his phone and cover his tracks, he was soon caught.

During the trial, the defendant claimed someone else did the killing.

An Old Bailey jury found him guilty of murder.

Wright’s mother, Katherine Alade, told PA: ‘You don’t realize until it happens to you how far reaching one moment of madness can be and what an impact it can make on your life forever.

‘There is not one day when I don’t shed tears.

‘I could have dealt with him dying at such a young age through illness, but not by the hands of a boy the same age as him and over what?’

His father, Neville Wright, added: ‘He was very loving , funny and a very caring person, as well as a very popular person.

‘I think of him every day…of what he would have achieved in life.

‘He is gone, but not forgotten.’

they do say 50% of the population is nuts.
i believe it.
i’m starting to realize folks will kill you in a heartbeat:

you wore blue instead of purple
your ass did look big in your jeans
you eat healthy instead of junk food

over simple shit.
it’s sad that jordan wright lost his life,
but honestly,
he wasn’t any better than the jackal who stabbed him.
they both decided to fight over being “least gay”.
i can’t even…

article cc: gay star news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Being The “Least Gay” Can Have You Killed Out Here”

      1. It’s crazy. They will kill you over the SLIGHTEST incidence of what they consider “disrespect”. Accidentally step on their kicks, look at them the wrong way, say something doesn’t matter. These youngsters have issues!

  1. So…I…Um… what the entire fuck?! Like, is this serious?! Arguing and a murder over who is “least gay”? REALLY?!!! I don’t even know how to feel about this in real life

  2. Sad story. Life lost over something so stupid. This reminds me of a book called the mother by yvette Edwards.

    I have moonlight on dvd i have to watch again.

  3. Something similar happened when I was in high school, two guys fought because they called each other gay although neither admitted to being gay at the time. meanwhile years later they’re both gay *Kanye shrug*

  4. As I said before and will say again these homophobes act more like bitches than the so called “fags” they be pressed to call out and hate on. Dude really got emotional over something so petty. He won’t have to worry about that in prison. In there they don’t care what you identify as. As long as your foxhole identies as “virgin” and “tight”.

  5. Yes, Jamari…people will kill you. I once had a guy who I thought was cute cuz he looked quiet and and sexy turn out to be a cold blooded killer.. Not a day goes by where I remember at one point he would have killed me…just for looking at him.

    Believe or not…”straight men” act tough on the outside but have very fragile egos and will kill you because you look and act a certain way.

  6. Three words: Fuq. O. Reee! Has anybody check the lead levels in the water over there? I mean, really, how effing fragile!

  7. This further proves homosexuality stems from mental illnesses. Being gay bugs aome people more than others. Its about comfort levels. Im assuming these young men were very troubled. Its sad to see lives go down the drain like this.

  8. They are quite banji and gully over in Britain. Have you ever been? They’re like New Yorkers with British accents but with absolutely no chill whatsoever. Rest In Peace to the guy who was killed.

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