Guess Who Will Be Attending The 2015 BET Awards?

tumblr_llhm4nLyNR1qjr6l4o1_400so its happening.
janet will be attending the bet awards this sunday.
she won’t be streaming a performance at the end of the show.
she won’t show up in case her stalker x wolf is lurking in the audience.
she will be honored with the “inaugural ultimate icon award”.
this is what bet has to say…

Janet Jackson‘s indelible mark on the world of music transcends decades and generations, and because of that, BET is honored to recognize the Queen of Pop with the first-ever Ultimate Icon: Music Dance Visual Award at the 2015 BET Awards.

“This is Janet Jackson, people! We are excited beyond belief to present her with our inaugural ULTIMATE ICON: Music Dance Visual award and we are thrilled that she chose the BET Awards as the first step on her new road,” said Stephen G. Hill, BET’s President of Programming. “An inspiration to many other artists, ‘Ms. Jackson’ (’cause I’m nasty) blends music, dance and visuals in unique and groundbreaking ways and we look forward to celebrating her storied history… as well as giving the BET Awards audience a peek into her Unbreakable future.”

As she makes her grand return to the music scene, Jackson will be honored like the music royal that she is with performances from three of her biggest contemporary admirers: Tinashe, Jason Derulo and Ciara.


jason derulo?
tinashe?giphy copy 7eh.
well i’m glad ciara is going to show us how its done.
the other two?
couldn’t they dig up mya?
well she already did her version of “pleasure principle” when mtv honored janet:

either way i’ll be tuned in.
i hope the show doesn’t bore me until janet arrives.
tune in to the 2015 bet awards this sunday, june 28, at 8pm.
it’ll be hosted by tracee ellis ross and anthony anderson.

lowkey: you can also download “no sleeep” on itunes.

( x download it here )

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15 thoughts on “Guess Who Will Be Attending The 2015 BET Awards?”

  1. i saw that they were advertising her appearance on BET. Janet and her team are serious about the comeback. great timing for the award, announcement of the tour, and single. looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us.

  2. They’re gonna have to work HARD to come close to that MTV Icon tribute. Pink, Usher, and Mya did the damn thing 😎

  3. I think those are great choices for the performers. Ciara just glad to get a booking and Tinashe is actually pretty good live. Everybody wants Beyonce to tribute but we all know that wont happen.

    1. yeah ,surprisingly I actually like Tinashe, her music isn’t bad. She doesn’t remind of of Janet though, they just seem like two different styles of music. Happy for them both though.

  4. Love those 3.. top of the game when it comes to dance…

    Love to see some musical surprises… could you imagine

    Go Deep (remix) (Timbaland, Missy Elliott))
    Son of a Gun (remix) (Carly Simon, Missy Elliott, P. Diddy)
    Call On Me (Nelly)
    My Baby (Kanye West)
    Feedback (remix) (Ciara, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous)
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend (Blackstreet, Ja Rule, Eve)
    So Excited (remix) (Khia, Fatman Scoop, Fabolous)
    The Best Things in Life Are Free (Luther Vandross, Bell Biv DeVoe, Ralph Tresvant)

  5. Tinashe is actually pretty good, her mixtapes are better than “Aquarius” though. I agree that Janet’s team seems to be getting things right so far with the rollout of this era. I’m also open to surprises during the tribute as long as it ISN’T Beyonce (STFD)…LOL

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