A Door Marked Exit

Along-the-cliff-tops-Marinha-beachjamari fox.
you have two doors to choose from.
the door on th
e left has smog,
and broken dreams.
the door on the right is sunshine,
roaches that fly,
and mickey mouse.
which one will you choose?…

so all morning,
i’ve been getting calls from jobs in miami.
confused as i was,
i answered a few of them.
they said they were sent my resume today,
loved what they saw,
and were interested in meeting with me.

so wtf?
i didn’t send any resumes today at all.
so i sent karaoke a text telling her what was going on.

“wow i didn’t think they would hit you back that fast!”
“what do you mean?”
“well don’t be mad,
but i sent your resume to various temp agencies in florida.
so you can make some money while you were here.
if you found something permanent,
you could stay with me until you got off your feet.
help you get an apartment and a car…”

when i read that,
i felt everything around me go still.
was this my official exit out of new york?
was i ready?
not like anything here is holding me anymore.
a side of me is scared as hell.
moving someplace i don’t know.
starting over.
feeling like i failed or something.
the other side is open for the potential change.
see what is out there in a whole new forest.
new wolves to experience?

tumblr_mv3a3oWVlT1rrwmeqo1_500like i said i’m scared of the change,
but maybe this is part of god’s plan?
maybe this is what’s suppose to happen in my story?
will i miss new york?
i don’t know,
but i guess i’ll soon find out…

Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “A Door Marked Exit”

  1. I think it a sign! You remember what your mom said in your dream? In my opinion you should at least try and see if you like it, don’t jump too fast in the pool because I know from experience. You will miss NY because it part of you no matter what and its going to be there still. You gotta take risks in order to live.

    1. ^yeah ill go and see what it’s like lindo.
      at least i can get some temp jobs there to get some money.
      so it won’t be all just laying around and doing nothing.
      i may tired of ny now,
      but that can change with a get away.
      ill chill and go with the flow.

      1. Earn your dough down there and have some fun.
        And who know maybe you will meet a hot sexy wolf in miami, maybe even a spanish wolf ooooh fresco or maybe get one of those Afro Caribbean. Now I’m going to be honest with you, you need to get laid cause you sound like need it badly. So you better bring an enema just in case and get some extra virgin coconut oil to use for your ass & hole to make it smell good and smooth, plus taste good too when rimming.

  2. I personally think you should go. New York isn’t what it use to be and everyone is fighting dirty to survive. I vote go.

  3. You should go and just see if you at least like it. The atmosphere, food, people, etc. Florida is a great state, and the south is a cool place. But then again I’m from the south, so I’m kinda biased. lol

  4. Take the time, enjoy yourself. Experience new things.

    I will say this though. The grass isn’t always greener…..everything that glitters isn’t gold (and all the other cliches). Moving to the south (Florida isn’t really the south…..it’s just not. This isn’t a debate. Florida natives can disagree all they want) from NY is a HUGE transition. I can’t tell you how many ppl I’ve seen who’ve moved from up north go right back within a year or two. Miami is more than just south beach……really get around the city when you visit…make sure your friend gives you the good, bad, and ugly.

    Don’t move down here (if thats what you decide) WITHOUT A CAR! OR A SOLID PLAN FOR A CAR. Public transportation is NOT the same.

    I’m really wishing you the absolute best J. Seriously. But I don’t want to see you get caught up. I’ve seen too many ppl do it when moving somewhere else. Bring your laptop so you can keep us updated. lol

  5. She seems like your blessing in disguise and welcome any opportunity that present itself. Fade county is no joke so just be careful where you stay. There’s the good and the bad in Miami and trust if it’s ugly it’s ugly. I was there for a while and I would just be cautious but enjoy. Make sure you hit up a nude beach….but be prepared for elderly nudists

      1. ^i just went and listened to a sample of that song.
        absolutely beautiful song.
        it made me feel something as I played it.
        im definitely going to play it when I land.
        thank you s for the suggestion.

    1. ^wait ive heard that sample before.
      i can hear the song on the tip of my tongue too.
      im trying to find a good version of the clair song you want me to play as we speak.

      1. lol trust its .99cent worth it, its real music. the type that connects to the soul and will make you feel all types of emotion, better than whats out now.

  6. I hope you like it down there. It’s be nice if an opportunity arose for you. Luck comes when you least suspect it.

  7. I agree with the above this could be the change of things you need, plus you have a friend there supporting you all the way.

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